Van Morrison – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (12/10/13)

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Tuesday, 10 december 2013

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CD 1 :
01 – Celtic Swing
02 – Higher Than the World
03 – The Way Young Lovers Do
04 – Enlightenment
05 – Baby Pease don’t Go>Here Comes the Night
06 – Close Enough for Jazz
07 – Got to Go Back
08 – Bulbs
09 – Retreat and View
10 – Moondance
11 – Days Like This
12 – Precious Time

CD 2 :
01 – Who Can I Turn to
02 – Magic Time
03 – Jackie Wilson Said
04 – Real Gone
05 – Brown Eyed Girl
06 – Whenever God Shines His Light
07 – Gloria

Soundman OKM II Studio Rock (Without adapter) > Edirol R-09HR (mic-in) Wav-16bit – 44.1 KHZ
(input level between 60 and 62, limiter off, low cut off, mic gain: high, plug-in power: on)

PC > WavePad Sound Editor (amplify) > track separation with CD Wave Editor > SBEs fixed with TLH >
flac(8) with TLH

Recorded from row 12, right side facing the stage (Vak A)


A Kikki recording
Many thanks to copycat for all the help and the track separation !

Neil Young – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (06/05/13)

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam
June 5 2013

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Source: Audience
Sound quality (1-10): 8

Lineage: Edirol R-09 (internal mics)->WAV (44.1 kHz/16 bit)->HarBal 2.3 (re-EQing with offical “Love And Only Love” as a reference)->Adobe Audition (adjusting volume levels, slight re-EQing, fades)->CDWAV (trackmarks)->Master

Disc 1 (61:00)
1.Show Intro (Wilhelmus) (2:11)
2.Love And Only Love (10:17)
3.Powderfinger (6:26)
4.Psychedelic Pill (4:09)
5.Walk Like A Giant (18:23)
6.Hole In The Sky (5:36)
7.Heart Of Gold (4:25)
8.Blowin’ In The Wind (3:56)
9.Singer Without A Song (5:34)

Disc 2 (69:59)
1.Ramada Inn (9:21)
2.Cinnamon Girl (3:49)
3.F*!#in’ Up (16:47)
4.Mr. Soul (6:05)
5.Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) (10:48)
6.Like A Hurricane (16:11)
7.”Thank You For Being Here” (3:05)
8.Roll Another Number (For The Road) (3:50)

This is my recording of Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s show in Amsterdam from their 2013 European tour. Their first Dutch show in 12 years, well received by a sold out Ziggo Dome. Highlights for me were a great “Powderfinger”, a 16 minute “Like A Hurricane” and the unreleased “Hole In The Sky”. Sound at this venue is usually horrible and during Los Lobos’ opening set it certainly was. But when Neil Young entered the stage it wasn’t so bad. Because of the loud volume of the show there’s not that much annoying audience noise, but the sound balance isn’t perfect. All in all the recording is a nice document of a great show. Check out the sample below and decide for yourself. As always, artwork is included in the torrent. Enjoy!


This is NOT the recording seeded below. This is another master recorded by myself that has not circulated anywhere before.

Neil Young – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (07/09/16)

Neil Young & Promise of the Real
Ziggo dome, Amsterdam, Holland
Dutch masters audience recording

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I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

01. After The Gold Rush
02. Heart Of Gold
03. The Needle And The Damage Done
04. Razor Love
05. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
06. Out On The Weekend
07. Hold Back The Tears
08. Human Highway
09. Unknown Legend
10. Someday
11. Words
12. Winterlong
13. Alabama
14. Love To Burn
15. Powderfinger
16. Mansion On The Hill
17. Change Your Mind
18. Don’t Be Denied
19. Western Hero
20. Seed Justice
21. Revolution Blues
22. Monsanto Years
23. Rockin’ In The Free World
24. Love And Only Love
25. Like An Inca
26. Here We Are In The Years