Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Norah Jones – Paris, France (1/20/2007)

norah jones paris 2007

Norah Jones
Maison de Radio
Paris, France

Links are down. I will eventually get my CDRs back out and reupload.

Cold Cold Heart
Thinking About You
Sinking Soon
Not Too Late
Not My Friend
Humble Me
Wake Me Up
Until the End
Creepin’ In
Long Way Home
Little Room
My Dear Country
Rosie’s Lullabye
Be My Somebody
Don’t Know Why
Come Away With Me

This is one of my all time favorite bootlegs. The quality is just gorgeous. The playing is superb. And it is Norah. Sweet, beautiful Norah. That voice moves parts of my insides that I’m not allowed to talk about. It was recorded on the Not Too Late tour and it includes a very nice mix of all three of her albums.

The sound is just perfect. So many of the concerts I’ve heard from Norah sound bad. On disk she is so silky smooth and live, it seems, for awhile she was kind of clunky. The piano clanked and the sound was like in a jar. Here it sounds like her albums have come to life. Add to that Norah’s sweet bits of chatter throughout and it is just about as perfect as a bootleg can be.

Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Berkeley, CA (11/2/76)

neil young 1976 - berkeley

Neil Young
Berkeley, CA

Links are down.  I will eventually track down my CDRs of this show and reupload.

Old Man
After the Gold Rush
Too Far Gone
Give Me Strength
A Man Needs a Maid
Sugar Mountain
Country Mountain
Don’t Cry No Tears
Cowgirl in the Sand
Peace of Mind
Lotta Love
Bite the Bullet
Like a Hurricane
Drive Back
Cinnamon Girl
Cortez the Killer

Nineteen Seventy Six was a busy year in the career of Neil Young.  He released Long May You Run with Stephen Stills and and took a two month tour in support of the album.  He also performed around fifty dates as a solo artist or with Crazy Horse.  He spent some time working on at least three albums and found time to perform during the Band’s final concert which was recorded on the Last Waltz.

You could call that a pretty typical year in the life of Neil Young.

This is a lovely little show towards the end of the year.  The first set is solo with just Neil and his guitar or piano, then the second set gets electrified and Neil brings out the whole band and they get scorching. The sound quality is good. It is a nice soundboard recording which is crisp, but a little cold sounding.  I don’t know how to explain that meaning in technical terms.  I don’t know if it is the age of the original tapes, or the fact that they haven’t been properly mastered, or cleaned up or whatever, but sometimes older bootleg recordings sound cold, and empty.  Like the sound has been stripped of some sort of internal warmth.

Don’t let that fool you, the quality is good and the performance is rocking.  Enjoy!


Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Nashville, TN (08/21/08)

Bruce Springsteen 2008.06.21 Hamburg Magic Night - Germany Front

Bruce Springsteen
Nashville, TN

Links are gone. I no longer have this show due to a hard drive failure.

Out in the Street
Radio Nowhere
No Surrender
Lonesome Day
Spirits in the Night
Good Rockin’ Tonight
Growin’ Up
I’m Goin’ Down
Held Up Without a Gun
Loose Ends
Murder Incorporated
She’s the One
Promised Land
Mary’s Place
I’m on Fire
The Rising
The Last to Die
Long Walk Home
Girls in Their Summer Clothes
Thunder Road
Born to Run
I Fought the Law
Rosalita (w/Dave Bielanko of Marah though you can’t really hear him.)
American Land
Dancing in the Dark

This is my show. The one that moved me from “fan” to full-on drinker of the Springsteen Kool-Aid. They say it wasn’t even his best show. And I had lousy seats. Still the man is an incredibly performer and the show just knocked me down.

This is an audience recording so the sound isn’t the absolute best it could be, but it isn’t too bad and the energy just rolls right off. I’ve been thinking about making this little place in cyberspace more about the bootlegs which mainly means rolling out lots more free mp3s. As such I wanted to bring out this show since I attended it, and loved it.

Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan and Van Morrison – Duets

Editors note:  this was one of my very first bootlegs posts on this blog.  Most of it has since been removed due to copyright notices but I’ve uploaded the bootleg in question on another post.  Please enjoy it there.


Image removed because someone complained of copyright infringement.

I don’t know what kind, and cool soul created this compilation but I thought I’d share it with everyone.  This is a collection of live duets recorded between 1984-1998 by Dylan and Morrison.  It is really quite cool and absolutely worth the time to download.

Some one else uploaded it to Easy Share, and while I usually don’t like those sorts of things (they make you wait 30 seconds with a free account, and limit the  number of downloads you can do in a period) I’m using it now to save me the headache of uploading it.

And because I’m also quite cool, I’m including the covers. (Front, Back.)

Link removed per request by Van Morrisons’ lawyers.