Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Uncle Tupelo – Chicago, IL (10/15/93)

Uncle Tupelo
The Vic Theatre
Chicago, IL

Download: FLAC/MP3

Fifteen Keys
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
True To Life
Watch Me Fall
The Long Cut
Atomic Power
New Madrid
Acuff Rose
Steal The Crumbs
We’ve Been Had
Give Me Back The Key To My Heart
Looking For A Way Out

E: Life Worth Livin’
Truck Drivin’ Man
E2: Sin City
Suzie Q

I came to Uncle Tupelo backwards. I love me some Wilco, but I came to them late. Though I bought Being There when it came out, it wasn’t until well after Yankee Foxtrot Hotel came out that I became a fan. In fact it was actually after A Ghost is Born was released that I became a fan, but it was YFH that made me the fan, if that makes any sense. After I found salvation through that album, I gobbled up all the previous Wilco albums and then started making my way through Uncle Tupelo.

I love both bands, but I especially love the transformation Tweedy has made over the years. He went from alt-country pioneer to alt-rock hero and back and again. I’ve paid less attention to Jay Farrar and Son Volt, but I kind of dig them, too.

This show is towards the end of the bands career. In a few short months, in fact Jay would declare himself out of the band, though he would continue to tour with them through most of 1994. If their was tension in the band, and by all accounts there was, I don’t hear it here. It’s great music, plain and simple.

The quality is great. A nice warm soundboard with some good audience noise.


0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Uncle Tupelo – Chicago, IL (10/15/93)

  1. Thanks for the suggestions. There’s a station in Indiana that plays a Beat Farmers song (something about getting high in a shack or some such thing, I can’t remember the name) every Friday at quitting time. I always liked it and meant to check the band out. Now you’ve given me more reason to do so.

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