Lossles Bootleg Bonanza: David Byrne – Ann Arbor, MI (10/24/08)

david byrne

David Byrne
Michigan Theatre
Ann Arbor, MI

Download: FLAC/MP3


Strange Overtones
I Zimbra
One Fine Day
Help Me Somebody
Houses In Motion
My Big Nurse
My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)
Never Thought
Crosseyed & Painless
Life Is Long
Once In A Lifetime
Life During Wartime
I Feel My Stuff
Encore I:
Take Me To The River
The Great Curve
Encore II:
Burning Down the House
Everything That Happens

8 thoughts on “Lossles Bootleg Bonanza: David Byrne – Ann Arbor, MI (10/24/08)

  1. Sorry Ron, right now I’m mostly only posting new shows. The old ones have been taken down too many times for me to deal with the hassle. I’m making exceptions for your Grateful Dead requests.

  2. Hi Mat –
    Since you’re doing a few re-posts at the moment, this
    would be a very good choice – if you feel like
    it of course

  3. I definitely appreciate all the work that has gone into this site Mat, Thank You. If there is any remote chance of a repost on this bad boy, or any more David Byrne 2009 stuff, I would be so much obliged. Once again thank you for your efforts.


    1. I can reupload this show, but you are going to have to give me some time. Its located on a CD somewhere. I just moved and so everything is out of sorts. So give me a couple of weeks and if you don’t see it send me a reminder.

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