Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lyle Lovett & John Hiatt – Zurich, Switzerland (02/01/10)


John Hiatt & Lyle Lovett

Download: FLAC/MP3

recorded by SRM (audience recording)
Zoom H2 (44.1/16bit/stereo) plus Soundman mics


carefully edited, compressed and mastered by SRM

sorry for the little hiss, especially during
“the talkings”

disc 1:
01) announcement
02) JH: Drive South
03) talk
04) LL: LA County
05) talk
06) JH: Memphis In The Meantime
07) talk
08) LL: I Will Rise Up
09) talk
10) JH: Walk On
11) talk
12) LL: Fiona
13) talk
14) JH: My Baby
15) LL: Nobody Knows Me
16) talk
17) JH: Crossing Muddy Waters
18) LL: Don’t Cyr A Tear For Me
19) JH: Like A Freight Train

disc 2:
01) talk
02) LL: She’s No Lady
03) JH: Tennessee Plates
04) talk
05) LL: Natural Forces
06) JH: Thunderbird
07) talk
08) LL: If I Had A Boat
09) JH+LL: Thing Called Love
10) LL: My Baby Don’t Tolerate
12) talk
13) JH+LL: Ain’t No More Cane
14) JH: Have A Little Faith In Me
15) talk
16) LL: Step Inside This House

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