R.E.M. – Milton Keynes, England (07/25/95)

National Bowl
Milton Keynes
29 July 1995

Download FLAC: Google Drive

support: Magnapop, Belly, Blur

Taper: unknown/gear unknown/tbc

Tape: Tim’s tape > M Audio Audiophile 2496 > Audition 1.5 > wav > flac

I’m posting this at the request of loads of people who asked for it on murmurs.com and rem-collector.com web site (now closed).

NOTE: At the same time I’m making a request for a low-gen complete copy of the Murrayfield show from 27 July 1995 (it was my first REM

show), I have a partial recording of it which also has digital noise and some tracks from 1999 promo tour tagged on the end, if anyone

has the whole show or if you taped the show, could you make contact please.

Back to the business in hand:

This recording the lesser known twin to the widely circulated Radio One broadcast of the following day’s show at the same venue.

Quality is pretty good throughout, takes a dip towards the conclusion of the main set especially on Star 69, clearly it’s

an audience job but the crowd is generally pretty distant sounding, it doesn’t capture the atmosphere of 65,000

people that well as a result.

I originally got this tape from Dave, but then Tim followed up with tape one generation better than Dave’s so I used Tim’s.

Had to boost the volume a tad, eq’d to bring out the mid and top end out of the mire, and to eliminate some hiss.

01 I Took Your Name
02 What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
03 Crush With Eyeliner
04 Circus Envy
05 Try Not To Breathe
06 Orange Crush
07 You
08 Bang And Blame
09 Undertow
10 Welcome To The Occupation
11 Strange Currencies
12 Revolution
13 Tongue
14 Man On The Moon
15 Country Feedback
16 Losing My Religion
17 Finest Worksong
18 Pop Song 89
19 Get Up
20 Star 69


21 Let Me In
22 Everybody Hurts
23 Tusk – Support+Band intros
24 So. Central Rain
25 Departure
26 It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

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