Bootlegs of the Day: February 25, 2023

Bob Marley – 1980.06.28 – Torino, Italy

Bob Marley – 1980.09.17 – Providence, RI

Bonnie Raitt – 1992.04.21 – Eureka, CA

Bruce Springsteen – 1977-1978 – The Unbroken Promise – Lighting Up The Darkness Sessions

Kate and Anna McGarrible – 1984.06.11-12 – Rochester, NY

Neil Young – 1999.04.21 – New York, NY

Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie – 1975.07.25 – New York, NY

PFunk – 1978.11.01 – Washington, DC

REM – 1995.07.25 – Milton Keynes, England

The Bangles – 1986.08.06 – New York, NY

The Beatles – 1961-1969 – Acetate Collection

The Beatles – 1963-1970 – File Under Beatles

The Beatles – Acoustic Submarine

The Doors – 1967.03.07 – San Francisco, CA

The Rolling Stones – 1971-1974 – Outtakes and Rarities, Vol. 5

U2 – 1981.11.13 – Albany, NY – Thanks to several of you who answered my request for this show.

REM – Toronto, Canada (08/16/85)

The Concert Hall, Masonic Temple
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Friday 16 August 1985

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Support: The Three O’Clock

Contrast clause: There is an audience recording of this show at Aside from the first 2 songs which are patched from an audience source as these weren’t on the tape, the rest of this recording is from a soundboard source and has never circulated before.

Lineage: Tracks 0-2: AUD source unknown lineage. Tracks 3-27: Soundboard > Cassette (unconfirmed generation but likely to be 3rd gen)

Flac files received via We Transfer -> iZotope RX8 advanced -> iZotope Ozone 9 -> Audacity 2.4.2 (split tracks) -> Traders Little Helper 2.8.4 (fix SBE’s) -> Foobar 2000 1.6.2 (tag files) -> you

Uploaded to Dime by eckythump 8 January 2021

Main set:

  1. Intro by Scot Turner from CFNY-FM
  2. Feeling Gravitys Pull
  3. Harborcoat
  4. Green Grow The Rushes
  5. Hyena
  6. Pilgrimage
  7. Femme Fatale (The Velvet Underground cover)
  8. Driver 8
  9. Fall On Me
  10. So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)
  11. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
  12. Can’t Get There From Here
  13. 7 Chinese Bros.
  14. Auctioneer (Another Engine)
  15. Old Man Kensey
  16. Little America – Home On The Range
  17. Pretty Persuasion
  18. Life And How To Live It

Encore 1:

  1. California Dreamin’ (The Mamas & The Papas cover)
  2. King Of The Road (Roger Miller cover)
  3. Bandwagon
  4. Skip A Rope (Henson Cargill cover)
  5. 20th Century Boy (T-Rex cover)

Encore 2:

  1. Theme From Two Steps Onward
  2. Broken Whiskey Glass (Jason & The Scorchers cover)
  3. Wild Thing – Louie Louie (The Troggs/The Kingsmen cover)*
  4. See No Evil (Television cover)
  5. Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground cover)

*with snippets of D.I.V.O.R.C.E, Respect and 12XU

Michael Stipe – Vocals, harmonica
Peter Buck – Guitar
Mike Mills – Bass Guitar, vocals
Bill Berry – Drums, vocals

Show notes: This show may be more well known as ‘the night before they went crazy with covers at Barrymore’s in Ottawa’, but a closer examination of this setlist shows 10 of the 27 songs performed on this night were cover songs, with only one repeated the following night (the Creedence cover which was played at nearly every show in 1985). Barrymore’s was more of a sloppy affair with rarely played covers for the most part; here the covers were ones the band had more frequently played and was a little more professional.

This show saw the band travel from Rochester, NY, crossing the US/Canadian border, and pulling into Toronto at the Concert Hall, part of the historic Masonic Temple which hosted many concerts over the decades under different names (the venue still exists, but doesn’t seem to be used for live gigs anymore, current pandemic issues aside). This was their second time at this venue, the first on 13 July 1984. The venue is an all standing affair, with a capacity of around 1,600 (I don’t know if the show was sold out). They were almost 2 months into their tour post the release of ‘Fables Of The Reconstruction’, and inspecting the setlists from this period shows they were quite loose affairs with many cover songs, particularly in the encores. ‘Wild Thing’ was a common show closer at this time. At the start of the encore Michael told the audience they had a rough day crossing the border into Canada, and combined with interviews meant there was no time for a soundcheck, and as a result they were now going to take requests much to the delight of the crowd. This led to some inspired cover choices, as well as the bands own rarely played quirky b-side ‘Bandwagon’. It’s one of the reasons why people love this era of R.E.M. – their popularity was increasing quickly in North America, but they could still have fun with the setlist and play whatever they felt like, whether it be obscure covers, or rarely played b-sides. 1985 felt like the last year of the ‘old’ party R.E.M., before a more professional and polished show became somewhat of a necessity as the band became more and more popular (and less alcohol was consumed before and during the show). There’s some great recordings from this era, particularly this 2 week stretch from Toronto through to the finale of this tour leg in New York at the end of August. This show ranks up there with the best of them.

Recording notes: Aside from the first 2 songs which weren’t on the cassette and are sourced from an AUD recording (possibly the well circulated David Thomas source, but my copy of his recording does not include the intro before Feeling Gravitys Pull), the rest of the show is sourced from a soundboard recording. I received it from someone who’s had the show for the past 26 years who got it from a friend of a friend who wanted to see it distributed for everyone to enjoy. He doesn’t know where the original source came from, but I’m going to speculate:

As can be heard in the intro, a person by the name of Scot Turner from Toronto radio station CFNY-FM (now known as The Edge 102.1) tells the audience the show is being recorded for a future edition of ‘Thursday Night Live by Carling O’Keefe’ (Carling O’Keefe being a Canadian brewing company). It would appear the show never went to air on the radio else there’s a 99.9% chance a bootleg of the show would have appeared at some point. At one point Michael can be heard asking whether the show is being broadcast live so he knew it was being recorded. I don’t know why the station didn’t broadcast even an edited version, but I can only assume the band decided they didn’t want it to be aired. Someone connected with the radio station likely made a copy for a friend with the strict instructions it could not shared. 35 and a half years later here it is.

Given its a soundboard source, the recording itself is quite nice but it needed some work. It was slightly too fast so I slowed it down by 1% and made some other various adjustments. You’ll notice when Michael talks before Life And How To Live It and California Dreamin’ it sounds a little different – those talking sections were extremely hissy so I used iZotope’s RX8 spectral denoise on them. I did not use the denoise function on any other part of the recording as I know it upsets a lot of people, but the hiss on those sections was very loud and distracting, and as it was just some brief spoken parts I deemed that to be ok. It’s a nice alternative to the audience recording which while sounding very nice had a lot of talkers around the taper. This is the only known soundboard from the North American legs of the 1985 tour that has surfaced, so this is a very nice addition to your R.E.M. collection.

Torrent notes: Famed R.E.M. taper David Thomas recorded this show, and his version has circulated in the digital world for over 15 years now. This is the first time the soundboard version has gone into wide circulation, so it’s quite a special thing to have. For those wanting a comparison with the audience recording, briefly put both are excellent recordings. The audience recording has a lot of talkers/commentators near the taper, which some people might like as it adds to the atmosphere of being in the audience. There is none of that on the soundboard recording. So it’s personal preference really. In my view both are essential to have in your collection.

I’ve included a scan of the ticket stub from the show as well as a newspaper ad, and the person who sent me the show included his CD cover and back which I’ve also included. Enjoy!

As time passes between the end of R.E.M. and the time you read this know that there are a few of us that still care a great deal for this band. If you have any old tapes or need any questions answered about circulating shows please drop us a line. New finds from the ROIO world and anniversary releases are what we have to look forward to these days, so please don’t throw those old tapes out just yet.

You are welcome to message me here or check us out at

-eckythump, 8 January 2021

R.E.M. – Chronic Murmurings Redo

Chronic Murmurings Redo

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Side 1
All the Right Friends
Baby I
Dangerous Times
Different Girl
Just a Touch
Mystery To Me

Side 2
Ages of You
Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
Gardening at Night

Side 3
Shaking Through
Wolves, Lower

Side 4
Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
Just a Touch
Windout (With Friends)
Wolves, Lower

I don’t have any source info on this. It didn’t come with a text file or anything. There was a pretty famous bootleg entitle Chronic Murmurings but this tracklisting doesn’t match. Presumably, some fan decided to do a second edition, hence the “redo”. If anybody has any info on this I’d appreciate a comment.

R.E.M. – Athens, GA (04/10/81)

Released as “Georgia Peaches” rather than R.E.M.
Transfered from vinyl.
Label: Cycler Records
Athens, Georgia
April 10, 1981

I no longer have this show, sorry.

A1 Rave On *
A2 Burning Down*
A3 A Girl Like You
A4 Get On Their Way8
A5 There She Goes Again*
A6 Pretty Persuasion*
B1 Body Count*
B2 Different Girl*
B3 Action *
B4 Narrator
B5 Hey Hey Nadine
B6 Baby I
B7 Permanent Vacation*
C1 Radio Free Europe*
C2 Sitting Still *
C3 Dangerous Times
C4 All The Right Friends *
C5 Shaking Through *
C6 Little Girl *
C7 (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville*
D1 Windout *
D2 Gardening At Night*
D3 Wait
D4 Scheherazade
D5 Lisa Says
D6 Mystery To Me
D7 White Tornado*

Not Included

A5 mislabeled “There She Goes”.
B4 mislabeled “Narration”.
B5 mislabeled “Pretty Girl”.
C4 mislabeled “I Don’t Want You Anymore”.
C5 mislabeled “Shakin’ Through”.
D4 mislabeled “Sheherazade”
D7 mislabeled “Tornado”.

R.E.M. – Bochum, Germany (10/02/85)

2 October 1985
Zeche, Bochum, West Germany

Download FLAC: Guitars101

Feeling Gravitys Pull
Sitting Still
Maps And Legends *
Fall On Me *
Green Grow The Rushes
Driver 8
So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Can’t Get There From Here
King Of The Road *
7 Chinese Bros. *
Auctioneer (Another Engine)
Old Man Kensey
Little America
Pretty Persuasion

encore 1:
Theme From Two Steps Onward*
Toys In The Attic *
See No Evil *
Second Guessing*

encore 2:
Riders In The Sky*
(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville
We Walk
Falling In Love Again*
Behind Closed Doors *
Paint It, Black *

*Not included

notes: This show was recorded for the German TV show ‘Rockpalast’ for WDR and it’s well worth finding a copy of it to see Stipe’s blonde hair, some great cover songs and the hilarious moment when Stipe goes out into the crowd during ‘We Walk’ and pats a big bearded guy on the head.

Notes from Mat: Awhile back somebody gave me a bunch of old REM shows. Unfortunately they mostly didn’t include any text files or other information other than show dates. Also they tend to be low bit rates. I’m not 100% positive I have the correct date on this one as all info I found online lists a bunch of songs that aren’t included in my download. However I am definitely in the camp of any REM is good REM so I’m happy to share.

R.E.M. – Miami + Orlando, FL (04/29-30/89)

Miami 29th April 1989 + Orlando 30th April 1989
Pre-FM stereo
Poets of the Wheat 2CD > WAV > Click Repair [as the 1989 concert tracks on this CD are clearly vinyl sourced – from a radio LP I believe] > TLH > FLAC
[different source to Kiss The Stone CD torrented elsewhere on Zomb – see description below]

Download FLAC/MP3: Mediafire
Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

01 Pop Song 89
02 Exhuming McCarthy
03 Welcome To The Occupation
04 Disturbance At The Heron House
05 Turn You Inside Out
06 Orange Crush
07 Feeling Gravity’s Pull
08 Swan Swan H
09 Begin The Begin
10 Pretty Persuasion
11 I Believe
12 King Of Birds
13 Crazy
14 Finest Worksong
15 You Are The Everything
16 Academy Fight Song
17 Stand
18 Perfect Circle
19 Get Up
20 It’s The End Of The World

Notes from original uploader:

I understand the tracks are a mixture recorded recorded on April 30th 1989 in Orlando and April 29th 1989 in Miami.

I originally bought this show on a bootleg CD back in the day, and then sold the single CD version of this show on comparing to the Poets of the Wheat 2CD sourced version here.

This was because the Poets of the Wheat version here has a nice clear sound. It is a little trebley but feels less ‘claustrophobic’ (for lack of a better description) than other versions I heard/had.

I believe it is sourced from a radio station LP ultimately, rather than a radio station CD – and there were differences in the sound of these quite often. There is the slightest wow and flutter but it’s a great involving listen I feel.

I used de click to deal with mild vinyl clicks on a low setting…Michael Stipe’s voice and the grinding guitars mean this was necessary. The entire results were carefully checked, using Sennheiser headphones.

R.E.M. – London, England (09/15/04)

St. James Church, Piccadilly
London, England
September 15th 2004

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Setlist: (running time ca. 55 Min.)
01. So Fast, So Numb
02. Boy In The Well
03. I Wanted To Be Wrong
04. E-BowThe Letter
05. Around The Sun
06. Aftermath
07. Losing My Religion
08. Walk Unafraid
09. Leaving New York
10. Imitation Of Life
11. Man On The Moon

Michael Stipe – vocals
Peter Buck – guitars
Mike Mills – bass, keyboards
Scott McCaughey – guitars, keyboards
Ken Stringfellow – guitars, keyboards
Bill Riefin – drums

From the original uploader
This was broadcast by NDR2 (german broadcast station) a few weeks ago and i got it thru analog satellite radio broadcast.
The original recording is from the BBC.

On PC-side i used Magix cleaning lab 2003 to record this. I connected the pc on the output from the tape-recorder.
On the Input-side was my hifi-receiver which was connected to the sat-receiver.

Lineage: analog satellite radio broadcast –> Magix Cleaning Lab2003 –> waves –> FLACs (SBE Level8) –> you

I tried to do some remastering on it (maybe, i made ten different versions about this; with burning on CDR-RW),
but at least i decided to do nothing with this recording.
Everything i did, it wasn’t better then the original broadcast.
So, here it is!!

R.E.M. – Murmur: Rough Mixes and Demos

Murmur: Rough Mixes and Demos

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Lineage: ANA(x)>DAT(x)>WAV [48kHz/16bit]>WAV [44.1kHz/16bit]>Flac
Transfer: Tascam DA-20 MKII>PreSonus FireStudio Project>Adobe Audition 3.0
Transferred By: Mike Ziegler
Dat tape courtesy of JEMS archives

01. Catapult (Stephen Hague Vers. 1)
02. Pilgrimage (Mitch Easter Vers. 1)

1983-02-16 (rough mixes w/Mitch Easter)
03. Pilgrimage (vers. 2)
04. Catapult
05. Perfect Circle
06. 9-9
07. West Of The Fields

Live In Studio
08. Band Talking
09. That Beat
10. Pretty Persuasion – omitted due to being officially released
11. All The Right Friends
12. Tighten Up – omitted due to being officially released
13. There She Goes Again
14. Moon River – omitted due to being officially released

Murmur basic & rough mixes
15. Talk About The Passion
16. West Of The Fields
17. Moral Kiosk
18. Sitting Still
19. Ages Of You
20. Perfect Circle
21. We Walk
22. 9-9
23. Shaking Through
24. Romance
25. Laughing (cuts out)

Various studio outtakes and demos recorded in conjunction with the Murmur album. Dates when given and info taken verbatim from the dat case j-card. This stuff should all be previously circulated but may or may not be an upgrade in sound quality to existing circulating copies. Officially released material has been omitted from this shared fileset. The tracks omitted to the best of our knowledge are bonus tracks on a reissue of the album Reckoning. This should also run at close to if not the correct speed. The tape source was all over the place as far speed goes. Each track had to be done individually.