U2 – Nantes, France (10/23/84)

“Saint Herblain Hospatlier” (SBD)
1984-10-23 Nantes, France

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Low Generation Copy

** – 11 O’Clock Tick Tock (Not Included)
01 – I Will Follow
02 – Wire
03 – MLK
04 – The Unforgettable Fire
05 – Surrender
06 – Two Hearts Beat As One
07 – Seconds
08 – A Sort Of Homecoming
09 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
** – The Cry/The Eletric Co. (Not Included)
10 – Bad
11 – Indian Summer Sky
12 – October
13 – New Year’s Day
14 – Pride
15 – Party Girl
16 – Gloria
17 – Forty

I recently picked this one up in a trade but it was not listed as 1984-10-23 Nantes, France in the trade
It had been mis-labled 10/28/84 Vorst National, Belgium (SBD) So some of you that have 10/28/84 (SBD) might wanna check to see what you have, Chances are it is this one (Nantes)

When i A>B this against my other Nantes 84 SBD’s i found this one to be of much better quality than others i have this version has better dynamics than others i have in my collection and seems to have a lot less Tape background hiss (Meaning less tape>tape generations) also i noticed that this version to be more on centre and better stereo whereas other versions all seem to favour one channel.

So i thought i would pass on this version
as i do think this to be the best of the 1984-10-23’s


U2 – Morrison, CO (06/05/83)

Red Rocks Ampitheater
Morrison, CO

Download FLAC: Google Drive

I have no source info or lineage for this.

Disk 1:
Out of Control
An Cat Dubh
Into the Heart
Two Hearts Beat As One
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Electric Co

Disk 2:
I Fall Down
New Years Day
I Threw a Brick…
A Day Without Me
Party Girl
11 O’Clock Tick Tock
I Will Follow

U2 – Sunrise, FL (03/xx/01)

Elevation Tour – Rehearsals
Elevation Tour 1st leg: North America
National Car Rental Center
Sunrise, Florida, USA

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Lineage: Silvers > Wav > Traders Little Helper > FLAC
Manufacturer: Jolly Roger Music

Disc 1

01 PA
02 Elevation (PA)
03 Elevation
04 Beautiful Day
05 Until The End Of The World
06 New Year’s Day
07 Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of
08 Gone
09 DiscothËque
10 Staring At The Sun
11 New York
12 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
13 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
14 Sunday Bloody Sunday
16 In A Little While
17 Talking

Disc 2

01 The Ground Beneath Her Feet
02 Bad
03 Where The Streets Have No Name
04 Mysterious Ways
05 The Fly
06 Talking
07 Bullet The Blue Sky
08 With Or Without You
09 One
10 Walk On
11 Talking

Unsure of the exact date in March 2001, this is a 2 disc set I bought in 2001
and is excellent quality.

Transferred and uploaded to U2torrents April 2012 by Rick14.

U2 – Laval, Canada (04/20/18)

Place Bell
Quebec, Canada
2018-04-20 + Bonus from 2018-04-18 (tracks 27, 28, 29)

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Taper: nunomoreira1
Gear: Tascam DR-2D Linear PCM Recorder + receivers
This recording is dedicated to a person that I know who is very sick at the moment.
Edge & Bono IEM Matrix


01-ìLove is All We Have Leftî (Pre recorded)
02-ìThe Blackoutî – little interferences
03-ìLights of Homeî
04-ìBeautiful Dayî/ Not Dark Yet (Bob Dylan)
05-ìI Will Followî/ Mother (John Lennon)
06-ìThe Oceanî
07-“Iris” / Suburbia
08-ìCedarwood Roadî
09-ìSong for Someoneî
10-“Sunday Bloody Sunday”
11-“Raised By Wolves”
12-ìUntil the End of the Worldî
13-ìHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Meî – Intermission
14-ìElevationî (Influx Mix)
15-ìDesireî /With Band Intro
16-Bono Talking
17-ìThe Showman (Little More Better)î
19-Machphisto Moment
21-ìYouíre The Best Thing About Meî(Acoustic Chill version)
22-ìStaring at the Sunî (Acoustic)
23-ìPride (In the Name of Love)î
24-ìGet Out of Your Own Wayî
25-ìAmerican Soulî
26-ìCity of Blinding Lightsî
27-ìOneî – Bonus
28-ìLove is Bigger Than Anything in its Wayî – Bonus
29-ì13 (There is a Light)î – Bonus

Notes: This is one of the rehearsals that U2 did in Laval for two weeks. Personally I think their new album is
very good and its songs sound even better live. This is a great rehearsal with U2 playing some really great tracks like
Love is Bigger, Acrobat (never played before this tour), The Blackout, American Soul (way better Live!) among others.
I’ve added the last 3 tracks from a different day to complete the “normal setlist”.

Don’t try to mix this and share it again. This is the version that I choose to share with other fans and it was mixed
to my ears. If you dislike it, or if this is not your type of recording (personal taste), you can skip it and let other people who apprecite this enjoy it. We don’t need to know what you dislike about it either. Just move on to
another recording of “your taste”.

I’ll upload this on several sites. If it happens that I don’t upload this on your site and you owners/ fans of
those sites want to share it, don’t forget to ask me first before you do it. If I don’t see any problems, most likely I’ll
let you upload/ share my recording.

Don’t ask for other rehearsals/ recordings. Take what is shared at the moment for FREE and respect taper’s privacy.

Enjoy it, trade but never sell it. Buy their official albuns.


U2 – San Jose, CA (05/08/18)

SAP Center
San Jose, CA
May 08, 2018

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source: Schoeps CCM4ís > Tinybox > Sony PCM-M10

Taper: from a friend

01. Intro
02. Love Is All We Have Left
03. The Blackout
04. Lights of Home
05. Beautiful Day
06. I Will Follow
07. Gloria
08. Red Flag Day
09. The Ocean
10. Iris (Hold Me Close)
11. Cedarwood Road
12. Sunday Bloody Sunday
13. Raised by Wolves
14. Until the End of the World
15. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (recorded intermission)
16. Elevation
17. Vertigo
18. Desire
19. MacPhisto Speech
20. Acrobat
21. You’re the Best Thing About Me
22. Staring at the Sun
23. Pride (In the Name of Love)
24. Get Out of Your Own Way
25. American Soul
26. City of Blinding Lights
27. “Women of the World”
28. One
29. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
30. 13 (There Is a Light)
31. Outro

Thanks to Sharebear on both nights for gear assistance

U2 – Albany, NY (11/13/81)


Download FLAC: Google Drive


01. Gloria
02. Another Time, Another Place
03. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
04. An Cat Dubh
05. Into The Heart
06. Rejoice
07. The Cry / The Electric Co.
08. I Fall Down
09. October
10. Stories For Boys
11. I Will Follow
12. Twilight
13. Out Of Control
14. Fire
15. 11 O’clock Tick Tock
16. The Ocean

17. Touch
18. I Fall Down

Tracks–>1-16 Albany-NY-Usa-1981/11/13
Tracks–>17-18 New York-1981/05/29

U2 – East Rutherford, NJ (05/15/87)

Brendan Byrne Arena
Rutherford, NJ
MAY 15, 1987

Download FLAC: Google Drive

DISC 001

1 Where The Streets Have No Name 06:28
2 I Will Follow (Incomplete) 03:56
3 Trip Through Your Wires (Incomplete) 03:31
4 People Get Ready 04:05
5 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 04:38
6 MLK 02:20
7 The Unforgettable Fire 04:37
8 Bullet The Blue Sky 06:00
9 Running To Stand Still 04:03
10 Exit 04:42
11 In God’s Country 02:44
12 Sunday Bloody Sunday 05:42
13 Maggie’s Farm 04:59

DISC 002

14 Banter 00:26
15 C’mon Everybody 02:46
16 Trip Through Your Wires 04:55
17 Banter 00:47
18 Bad 09:08
19 October 02:11
20 Banter 00:55
21 Springhill Mining Disaster 03:52
22 New Year’s Day 04:44
23 Crowds 00:52
24 Pride (In The Name Of Love) 04:03
25 Encore Break 03:35
26 With Or Without You 05:24
27 Gloria 04:46
28 Encore Break 02:44
29 Banter 00:40
30 40 06:29

Bono – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo;
The Edge – guitar, keyboards, vocals;
Adam Clayton – bass;
Larry Mullen, Jr – drums

Top 5 Opening Tracks

Editor’s Note: For a brief period back in 2004 I had a little Facebook group where we would ask each other for our Top Five…whatevers.  I got the idea from the film High Fidelity, and we had a lot of fun with it.  I regularly posted my answers to the question on my blog. 

1. “Box of Rain” by the Grateful Dead from the album American Beauty.

Phil Lesh wrote all of the music, and even scatted the vocal lines before giving it to Robert Hunter to write the lyrics. He wanted a song to sing to his dying father. Hunter is quoted as saying the lyrics nearly wrote themselve coming as fast as the pen could hit the page. It is a beautiful song and opens waht is arguably the best Grateful Dead album ever made.

2. “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2 from the album The Joshua Tree

The opening track to my all time favorite U2 album. The slow, ethereal feel of the organs drifting is like sitting in a cathedral. Then the quick rhthym of the Edge’s guitar fades followed the thump thump of Adam Clayton’s bass. My head begings to nod, my feet begin to tap and then ‘BAM’ Bono’s vocal “I wanna run. I want to hide” it’s like the lift off of a rocket. Pure joy is followed for the next 4 minutes.

3. “So What” by Miles Davis from the album Kind of Blue

The jazz album for people who don’t own any jazz. This is a Miles Davis album in name only, with a line up like John Coltrane, Julian “Cannonball” Adderley on saxophones, Bill Evans on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums this is an allstar jazz group. And it is this opening tonal song that brings the world to a new kind of jazz. Even the opening notes are some of the finest music to be played on any album.

4. “A Hard Days Night” by the Beatles from the album Hard Days Night.

From the opening chord of George’s guitar you know this is gonna be something exciting. From that startling moment John launches into one of the all time great rock and roll dities. Just one of many lennon/mccartney tunes that sound like they’re having so much fun and you just can’t help but sing a long at the top of your lungs.

5. “Radio Free Europe” by REM from the album Murmur.

A muddy, murky tune that you can’t understand a word to ushers to the world the sound that would be REM (at least for the next decade or so). Alternative college rock had been brewing behind the scenes for awhile and this, to me at least, is one of the defining songs of the whole scene. To this day I have no idea what Michael Stipe is singing about, and I just don’t care.