Led Zeppelin – Vancouver, Canada (03/21/70)

Led Zeppelin
Pacific Coliseum
Tarantura 2000

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Lineage – Silver CD>>EAC>>WAV>>FLAC level 8>MP3

1. Heartbreaker
2. Thank You
3. What Is And What Should Never Be
4. Communication Breakdown/Ramble On
5. We’re Gonna Groove
6. Since I’ve Been Loving You
7. Whole Lotta Love

From the original uploader

This CD came out in 2000 on the Tarantura 2000 label out of Tokyo. It’s a version the famous Zeppelin release ‘Pb’ or ‘Pure Blues’ which has been released many many times on vinyl and CD.
There have been many debated regarding where the original source came from, one theory is that it was a radio broadcast, the other is that it is a raw soundboard tape
The big difference with this release is that it’s the first time a TAPE source has been located and used.
All previous releases have come from vinyl sources.
The producers of this release aquired a 2nd gen tape from an American collector who had the tape stored away since 1983
It was then speed corrected and 32-bit Re-Mastered by CoolMixMan aka Blackdog.

0 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin – Vancouver, Canada (03/21/70)

  1. hey, any chance of reuploading this…i think i used to have a copy of this on tape years ago…i still have my copy,just don’t have access to it, would love to hear it again, thank you.

  2. Sorry Mike as of now I’m not doing reups. Several months ago Megaupload got raided by the Feds and shut their site down, along with it hundreds of my shows. At the same time Mediafire got scared and deleted many more of my shows. More recently Rapidshare has added in a new badnwidth limit which has caused all sorts of problems with people being able to download shows on this site.

    All of this adds up to a lot of frustration on my end. While I’m trying out some different sites I am just unable to go back and reupload anything at the moment.

    I might be able to reupload this sometime in the future but not anytime soon. If I do I’ll leave a comment here so you can see it. Sorry about that I’ve just gotten completely frustrated with uploading then reuploading then uploading again all these shows because the sites keep changing the rules.

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