Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Vancouver Canada (02/17/74)

1974_02_17_Vancouver_front copy

Van Morrison
(War Memorial Gym at the University of BC
Vancouver, BC, Canada
February 17, 1974)
McDog Music (April 2001)
An Archival Group CD-R Tree Productionvaninvan

Download: FLAC/MP3

CD 1

1. Ballerina (6:30)
2. Astral Weeks (4:58)
3. Streets of Arklow (4:48)
4. Ain’t Nothin You Can Do (3:13)
5. These Dreams of You (3:13)
6. I Believe (4:13)
7. My Lonely Sad Eyes (4:03)
8. Warm Love (2:06)
9. Listen To The Lion (8:20)
10. I’ve Been Workin (4:56)
11. Help Me (2:34)
12. Caravan (5:31)
Total time: (56:30)

Notes on the source:
Research through the archives of the Vancouver Sun finally revealed that the date of this particular recording was February 17, 1974, rather than the previously-suggested date of Feb 2, 1971. Nevertheless, this is still one of the earliest Van Morrison concerts to turn up. This concert was originally slated to be at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, but was moved at the last minute to the War Memorial Gym at the University of British Columbia.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Vancouver Canada (02/26/07)


Van Morrison
General Motors Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
26 February 2007
ëMisty Wet With Snowí
Recorded by KITA Productions

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1

1. Boogie Woogie Country Girl (Ned Edwards vocals)
2. Bright Side Of The Road
3. Days Like This
4. Talk Is Cheap
5. There Stands The Glass
6. Stop Drinking
7. Cleaning Windows > Be Bop A Lula
8. Playhouse
9. Real Real Gone > You Send Me
10. I Can’t Stop Loving You

Disc 2
1. Moondance
2. Foreign Window
3. Why Must I Always Explain
4. Magic Time
5. Donít Start Crying Now > Custard Pie
6. Muleskinner Blues
7. Wild Night
8. Have I Told You Lately
9. Jackie Wilson Said
10. Brown Eyed Girl
11. Gloria

Technical specifications:
Sony TCD-D100 DAT with Core Sound Binaural microphonesÖ

Recorded in the 2nd section on the left had side. Excellent recording with very little crowd noise…
Not for sale or commercial use. Trade freely.

Concert review by the Taper:

A slow start to the concert… Van’s voice seems a little off on the 1st couple songs. His voice gets better as the concert progresses. He really picks it up about half way through the show. Overall a very good show, definitely not the best from Van… Some highlights, but no real magic. Highlights include Moondance, Foreign Window, Wild Night, Have I told You Lately & Jackie Wilson Said. Enjoy the show!

The local reviews that I came across of the show were overall good although there was a lot of criticism of his lack of interaction with the audience & his grumpy demeanor.

Vanís a mighty man. Multi-instrumentalist: Awesome show but not a smileî The Province 27 Feb 2007

Morrison leaves faithful wanting some more. Legendary moody singer-songwriter revs it up for a knockout performanceî

The Vancouver Sun 28 Feb 2007

Morrison is a genuine living legend and still in good fettle as a singer. But he left behind him a sense that, as a performer, heís more interested in taking than in giving

The Georgia Straight 1 Mar 2007

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Wilco – Vancouver, Canada (02/05/12)


Vancouver, Canada

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 – One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend) – 10:48
02 – Poor Places – 5:27
03 – Art of Almost – 7:23
04 – I Might – 4:11
05 – I Am Trying to Break Your Heart – 5:15
06 – One Wing – 4:12
07 – Radio Cure – 5:12
08 – Impossible Germany – 7:36
09 – Banter – 0:43
10 – Born Alone – 4:22
11 – Spiders (Kidsmoke) * – 5:38
12 – I’ll Fight – 4:15
13 – Banter – 1:03
14 – Handshake Drugs – 5:50
15 – Banter – 1:14
16 – Via Chicago – 5:05
17 – “Can-uh-dee-an” Banter – 0:43
18 – California Stars ** – 4:38
19 – I Must Be High – 3:40
20 – Pot Kettle Black – 4:35
21 – Dawned On Me – 3:39
22 – Shot in the Arm – 5:04
23 – Encore Break – 1:48
24 – Whole Love – 4:15
25 – Heavy Metal Drummer – 3:21
26 – Walken – 4:51
27 – Red-Eyed and Blue – 2:39
28 – I Got You (At the End of the Century) – 3:55
29 – Outtasite (Outta Mind) – 3:37

* Spiders (Kidsmoke) performed w/ acoustic arrangement
** lyric change: “Can-uh-dee-an Stars”

Band Members:
Jeff Tweedy – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
John Stirratt – bass, vocals
Glenn Kotche – drums, percussion
Mikael Jorgensen – keyboards, etc
Pat Sansone – keyboards, guitars, vocals, percussion, etc
Nels Cline – electric guitar, lap steel guitar

From the taper:

This was Superbowl Sunday and downtown Vancouver Granville Street was absolutely crawling with people – of every ilk. It seems I got to meet a lot of them having arrived very early to be first in line and be able to find the time to speak with the house manager at the Orpheum so they’re comfortable with my gear and what I’m doing. Thankfully, Wilco, unlike many other taper friendly bands, were very good at notifying the venue of their policies.

I managed to set up in my usual Orpheum spot with the blessing of the house manager Greg, who I’m always grateful to see working any night I’m there taping. He’s professional and polite and has helped me get my gear in on several occasions so kudos and huge thanks go out to him.

The show itself was a true joy and delight. Great lights & effects without going overboard and as I previously mentioned, the sound was stunning. The performance itself was top notch as these boys were as tight as I’ve ever seen any band. The crowd was a little bit rowdy for the first few songs but quickly settled in for the ride. The band smoothly transitioned from one song to the other without the slightest hesitation and Jeff’s banter was cute but short & sweet. At one point towards the end of the show, someone threw some yellow referee flags on stage and you’ll hear Jeff joke about them. For more details of the performance, I direct you to the several included screen captures of online reviews from that night. Although they almost all mention some couple fighting during the performance, thankfully, I neither saw nor captured it on my recording. The band did not seem affected either.

Date: 2012-02-05 (Sunday)
Title: Jeff’s Sunday Sportsball Infraction
Venue: Orpheum Theatre – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Venue concert seating capacity: 2780
Estimated attendance: Full House
Type: Open-Air Audience/Open
Source: CA-14 Cardioids > CA-9100 > Zoom H4n (XLR inputs) @ 24 bit/48 kHz
Transfer: .WAV > Audacity 1.3.14-beta (fades, gain, tracking, downsampling) > Trader’s Little Helper v.2.7.0 build 172 (flac 8, fix SBE’s & create .ffp and .md5 files)
Recording location: DFC – mics placed over dress circle (lowest) balcony rail in A/B configuration 75cm’s apart
Sound Quality: SUP, A+, 10/10 – I really lucked out with the sound here and got a capture as good as any I’ve ever gotten. I could not have pulled a better capture with and reached the absolute limitations of my equipment. There is clear stereo separation as the house mix itself was in stereo. From the gentlest and quietest notes right up to the loudest cacophony of instruments; it’s all here as true as it gets. The sound that night , thanks to FOH engineer Stan Doty, was surprisingly clear and of the highest quality. The placement of my mics over the edge protected them from the closest talkers and clappers but still got enough of the audience sounds to remind you that this is a live show.
Recorded by: Seth Meister (http://gplus.to/seth01)
Mastered by: Seth Meister

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Adele – Vancouver, Canada (08/09/11)

Adele - Live at Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver 2011

Orpheum Theatre
Vancouver, BC Canada

Download: FLAC/MP3

Recorded in 24/48 kHz then saved to 16/48 kHz.
H1 Zoom –> Goldwave –> Converted to Flac
Processing (Goldwave):
– Increased volume

Setlist (in relation to tracks)

Hometown Glory
I’ll Be Waiting
Don’t You Remember
Turning Tables
Set Fire to the Rain
If It Hadn’t Been for Love
My Same
Take It All
Rumour Has It
Right as Rain
One and Only
Love Song
Chasing Pavements
Make You Feel My Love
Rolling in the Deep
Someone Like You