Peter Gabriel – Vancouver, Canada (08/08/83)

Peter Gabriel
Date 08-Aug-1983
Venue British Columbia Place, Vancouver
Country Canada

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Type Audience
Quality * B
Media 1CD-R

Track # Track Name Track Length
1.1 Across The River 03:44
1.2 I Have The Touch 04:31
1.3 Not One Of Us 06:03
1.4 The Family And The Fishing Net 07:25
1.5 Shock The Monkey 07:41
1.6 Family Snapshot 05:02
1.7 Intruder 05:00
1.8 Lay Your Hands On Me 08:45
1.9 Solsbury Hill 05:01
1.10 Biko 09:52
Total Running Time : 1:03:04

Recording comments
Different source and tracklist to ‘Opening Show’

Converted SHN to FLAC using xACT. Created new md5.
The Midnight Cafe, February 2021.

Bob Dylan – Vancouver, Canada (08/01/86)

Bob Dylan
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The B.C. Place

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LB-3768, (75min+60min), bittorrent download 05/06; good to very good sound [B-]

very end of d1t16 cut

1 Bye Bye Johnny
2 All Along The Watchtower
3 Clean-Cut Kid
4 Emotionally Yours
5 Shot Of Love
6 That Lucky Old Sun
7 Masters Of War
8 Straight Into Darkness
9 The Waiting
10 To Ramona (acoustic)
11 One Too Many Mornings (acoustic)
12 A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (acoustic)
13 I, Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know
14 Band Of The Hand
15 When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky
16 Lonesome Town

1 Ballad Of A Thin Man 2 Rainy Day Women, # 12 & 35 3 Gotta Serve Somebody 4 Seeing The Real You At Last
5 Across The Borderline
6 I And I
7 Like A Rolling Stone
8 In The Garden
9 Blowin’ In The, Wind
10 Shake A Hand
11 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Queen – Vancouver, Canada (12/14/78)

Live in Vancouver, B.C.
December 14, 1978
Pacific Coliseum

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1gen Analog ReMaster to digital
Originally recorded by Fred W. from right up front and center
Tape to tape copy and mastering by Audioarchivist U – 101

Queen>PA & stage monitor sound>air and audience>Fred’s mics and rig (unsure – Marantz?)>Maxell UD90 tapes>vintage Akai replay deck (azimuth adjusted, no Dolby)>Sentrek 12 band analog EQ (minor low and high boost)>Denon DRM500 recording deck (Dolby on for recording) to make my tape copy>Maxell XL II 90>played back on same Denon DRM500 (azimuth re-adjusted, no Dolby)>Sentrek 12 band analog EQ (more lows and highs, shaping upper bass/lower mids)>SoundBlaster live! 5.1 card (grounded and tweaked)>Wavelab 4.0(track markers only, no digital processing at all)

When I originally copied this from Fred’s collection for myself on cassette, I was amazed how clear this recording was and how close Fred sounded to the stage. I almost always performed EQ surgery on any copies I made to try and smooth everything out, and this was no exception. This tape, like many recordings Fred did thru the years, was pretty close to perfect already and didn’t need much work to make it sound like you were actually there, however, the lowest tones of bass and kick drum were a little thin, and upper bass/lower vocal range was a little jumpy. Well that’s all fixed now. There is some noise associated with the original tapes (normal bias “low noise” tapes!) but that should not discourage you at all. My copy sounded more pleasing than the originals did, and even more refined when played into the computer for you now. I have chosen to not process the noise out, and leave a little bit of the shit and corruption in. I think the background noise gives this tape life and breath, and removing it would kill the atmosphere it brings. You will get used to it after 5 minutes, and it’s not noticeable at all over the music.

I have tracked this for CD in the way it was on the master tapes, leaving all sides uncut. Side A is disc 1 (38:39), while sides B and C fit on disc 2 (77:27). I have included scans of my color photocopies of Fred’s original master tape covers for you, and a copy of the cover of the 1978 tour book. I have no real artworx for this NEW MASTERPIECE, so if you make some, please post them at TTD in the thread for this bootleg, and also please email me jpegs of your results.

Feel free to make audio CDR’s of this for your friends and family, but if any of them might trade further, please provide them with a copy of the FLAC files. Don’t rip from the audio CDR copies you make, EVER! There is no need to pee in the trading pool. Backup your FLAC files, you’ll need them later! If you can avoid it, don’t EnCrap to MP3 files, either. MP3 sounds like crud anyway, and this dynamic recording will suffer greatly in lossy formats. If I find out you spread around an MP3 version of this, I’ll come to your house and do bad things to you and yours… like farting in your fridge! So, just don’t make into lossy files, please! That goes for you, too AAC and OGG!

Track listings:

Disc 1 (38:39)

  1. We Will Rock You (fast version)
  2. Let Me Entertain You
  3. Somebody To Love
  4. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em
  5. Death On Two Legs > (medley start)
  6. Killer Queen >
  7. Bicycle Race >
  8. I’m In Love With My Car (medley end)
  9. Get Down Make Love
  10. You’re My Best Friend
    tape flip

Disc 2 (77:27)

  1. Now I’m Here
  2. Spread Your Wings
  3. Dreamer’s Bar
  4. Love Of My Life
  5. ’39
  6. It’s Late
  7. Brighton Rock >
  8. Roger Taylor’s tympani solo >
  9. Brian May’s guitar solo >
  10. Jam
    tape flip
  11. Fat Bottomed Girls
  12. Keep Yourself Alive
  13. Bohemian Rhapsody
  14. Tie Your Mother Down
    1st encore (tape edit)
  15. Sheer Heart Attack
    2nd encore (tape edit)
  16. We Will Rock You (slow version) >
  17. We Are The Champions
  18. outtro

Hopefully I’ve gotten all the song titles right. If I’ve made mistakes, it’s only proof that I’m human. Feel free to post any corrections or additions… Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it!

The technical mumbo jumbo and a more cryptic track listing follow:

Neil Young – Vancouver, Canada (03/03/99)

Neil Young Solo Acoustic
March 3 1999
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
British Columbia

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Neil Young – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, pump organ, guitjo, harmonica

Lineage: Coresound Binaurals > DAT Master Sony TCD-D
the tape you have is my master –
I was seated right of center 8th row
by Dan Gale

Transfer: 16 bit ñ 48kHz DAT Master > TASCAM DA-20 (SPDIF out) ->
LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (SPDIF in) ->
Wavelab 6.0

Editing and Mastering: on the GEMS Edit Station.
Weiss Saracon for 16 BIT ñ 44.1kHz SRC and POWR-3 Dither
Traders Little Helper for FLAC Level 8 SBE Free

Tag & Rename for FLAC Meta-Data Tagging

By Jamie Waddell

a GEMS* Production January 2009

  • the bettter of the two recordings of this venue, compared to 3/2 Set One
  1. Tell Me Why
  2. Looking Forward
  3. War Of Man
  4. Out Of Control
  5. Albuquerque
  6. World On A String
  7. Pocahontas
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Homegrown
  10. Daddy Went Walkin’ Set Two
  11. The Last Trip To Tulsa
  12. Unknown Legend
  13. Old King
  14. Harvest Moon
  15. Slowpoke
  16. See The Sky About To Rain
  17. After The Gold Rush
  18. Crowd Encores
  19. Good To See You
  20. Sugar Mountain

Neil Young – Vancouver, Canada (03/02/99)

Neil Young Solo Acoustic
March 2 1999
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
British Columbia

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Neil Young – vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, pump organ, guitjo, harmonica

Lineage: Coresound Binaurals > DAT Master Sony TCD-D
the tape you have is my master – I was seated right of center 8th row
by Dan Gale

Transfer: 16 bit ñ 48kHz DAT Master > TASCAM DA-20 (SPDIF out) ->
LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (SPDIF in) ->
Wavelab 6.0

Editing and Mastering: on the GEMS Edit Station.
Weiss Saracon for 16 BIT ñ 44.1kHz SRC and POWR-3 Dither
Traders Little Helper for FLAC Level 8 SBE Free

Tag & Rename for FLAC Meta-Data Tagging

By Jamie Waddell

a GEMS* Production January 2009

-a couple lil stutters in first two songs..barely noticable

  1. crowd
  2. Tell Me Why
  3. Looking Forward
  4. War Of Man
  5. Out Of Control
  6. Albuquerque
  7. World On A String
  8. Don’t Let It Bring You Down
  9. Philadelphia
  10. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing
  11. On The Way Home
  12. crowd Set Two
  13. From Hank To Hendrix
  14. Unknown Legend
  15. Harvest Moon
  16. Birds
  17. Old King
  18. Slowpoke
  19. After The Gold Rush
  20. Throw Your Hatred Down
  21. Heart Of Gold
  22. Lotta Love
  23. Old Man
  24. crowd Encores
  25. Good To See You
  26. Sugar Mountain

Queen – Vancouver, Canada (03/11/77)

PNE Coliseum 
Vancouver, BC

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Tracklist :

Disc 1:

  1. Killer Queen
  2. Millionaire’s Waltz
  3. You’re my best friend
  4. Bring back that Leroy Brown
  5. Sweet Lady
  6. Brighton Rock
  7. ’39
  8. You take my breath away
  9. White Man / Prophet’s song

Disc 2 :

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. Stone Cold Crazy
  3. Keep Yourself Alive
  4. Liar
  5. Lap of the Gods (Revisited)
  6. Waiting for encore
  7. Now I’m Here
  8. Big Spender!
  9. Jailhouse Rock
    10 God save the Queen

I have some artwork but it didn’t come with this version and anyway it’s not very good – I’m sure Alex
Solan can do far better! (hint hint please!)

Size : 476 MB

Here’s another one that according to Queenconcerts has never been shared here in lossless. The
sound is not great, but it’s not bad either – I’d give it a B(-) – but still worth a listen, IMHO.
It’s not complete, either, nor is there any lineage. However, it comes out 100% CDDA on Audiochecker.

Please keep these lossless files lossless! If this goes dormant please bump it and some good Queenzoner will seed it. Good download and enjoy!

Posted by Ginger01

Neil Young – Vancouver, Canada (04/17/91)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Wed. April 17, 1991
Pacific Coliseum
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Audioarchivist Analog Master Cassette Recording
Digitally transferred and ReMastered at 24 bit 96 khz
Downsampled and dithered to 16 bit 44.1 khz CD ready files

01 intro – Star Spangled Banner
02 Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
03 Crime In The City
04 Blowin’ In The Wind
05 Love To Burn
06 Cinnamon Girl
07 Mansion On The Hill
08 Fuckin’ Up
09 Cortez The Killer
10 Powderfinger
11 Love And Only Love
12 Rockin’ In The Free World
13 encore break
14 Roll Another Number

Sony PC-62 stereo condenser mic on hat > Sony stereo mic extension cord > Sony WM DC3 Professional Recording Walkman (Dolby B on, CrO2 / Metal bias) > Maxell XL-II 90 cassette masters

Pacific Coliseum – blue seat (upper level)
My seat was originally Sec 8 Row 30 Seat 12 (upper left side)
I moved to the back to be in the middle. Center line of the building!
Recorded from section 33 upper blue in the very back, far away.
It was a very loud show and it sounded great from this distance.

Maxell XL-II 90 cassette masters > Tascam 202mkII playback deck (Dolby off, normal bias PB, azimuth adjusted for each tape side) > Radio Shack gold end 3.5mm to stereo rca cord > Shack 6 foot gold end 3.5mm stereo extension cord > Soundblaster Audigy @ 24 bit 96 khz > Wavelab 5.01b (recording, tracking, and mastering)

24 bit 96 khz master clone split files > Wavelab toolsone (level balance) > Waves Q10 Paragraphic EQ (bass ramp and mid-high tweaks)> Waves S1 Shuffler (stereo enhancement) > Wavelab peak master (limiter @ -.01db) > 24 bit 96 khz batch rendered Remaster files > SoX resampler via Foobar2000 to 44.1 khz (very high quality setting, 95.2% passband, 25% phase response no aliasing) > iZotope RX Advanced MBit+ dither to 16 bit (Ultra noise shaping, high dither) > FLAC8 + torrent via TLH > YOU!!!

One of my better recordings I think. Ex- for an audience recording of its time, comparing to some others I’ve heard from this tour… You be the judge! Bright and clear and full frontal sonic assault, just as it was that night! Crank it up! Full dynamics – be warned of Neil’s shrieking guitar work that can rip your face off (even at this distance!)…

I think this one turned out amazingly good, especially considering how far back I was! I knew Neil’s show was going to be a loud one on this tour, and that there wasn’t going to be any “quiet” songs! I could have possibly moved to a seat in the lower level to be a bit closer, but it was a pretty full arena that night, and I probably would have had to be asked to move. The section I was in was not deserted, but had plenty of room for a wandering fan unhappy with his assigned seat. I picked a chair that was exactly parallel with the mid-line of the building, perfectly centered in the middle of the P.A. I wasn’t exactly back row at the top, but probably about 2/3 up the section. The closest people were maybe 10 seats away in any direction, so there isn’t very much close proximity audience noise.

I remember thinking how odd the prop Fender Giant amps looked from this distance – almost normal! Then these little ants that were the band came out on stage, and made this behemoth sound come through the P.A. system! Amazing soundman they must have, and a great audio system as well. I went to look at the soundboard area and remember seeing the bank of Tascam DA-88’s recording 24 tracks of digital (3 units linked up) – I don’t think any of the Vancouver show made it onto Arc / Weld, and I think this was a great show, so I wonder if maybe one of their tapes failed or something on this night? Hmmm……

So, yeah, even at this distance, I still remember this as being one of the loudest shows I’ve ever been to – especially in The Pacific Coliseum. I kind of felt sorry for the people who were right up close to the speakers! I’ve read that Neil got hearing damage from mixing the recordings they had for the live album (has nothing to do with playing the damned shows that loud, does it? nooo… haha) and in doing the “mastering” work that I’ve done for my little release here, I think I might have done some not-so-good things to my hearing, too (has absolutely nothing to do with seeing several hundred concerts through life, nooo….) but I can assure you that this show sounds really good cranked up loud! What?

I like this recording a lot. I read something that Jimmy Page said about recording techniques: “…distance creates depth…” and I applied this expression to recording this show. You can hear that the stage is deep and straight in front of me, and you can distinctly hear the left and right sides of the entire coliseum filling up with this rolling wall of sound that washes over the audience and rattles the rafters of the building and crashes down all at once onto my microphone. There is very little “backbeat” echo because of this effect of the reverb and P.A. sound reaching me almost at the same time. I don’t think these seats would have worked so well for other (quieter) shows, but this one was well loud enough to carry up to where I was. The tones from the guitars that seem to ring out from different places in the hall are well preserved on this recording. It’s amazing that it just comes from that itty-bitty Sony mic that comes standard with the Sony WM D3 walkman. I’d have to put this one in my personal top ten recordings list… somewhere!

It sure was a blast to watch Neil pretty much give birth to “grunge music” right in front of my eyes! haha. More or less. Awesome to see a band rock it out so hard with such a sense of urgency to it. It’s this sense of urgency especially in some of Neil’s vocals that (I think) might make this one of the better shows of the tour (that I’ve heard). I’m no expert, but for how many times he’s played Vancouver I think he must like it there, and he probably tries harder to put on a good performance here. With that in mind, have a listen to my newly released master recording and hear this great show yourself!

Other than a few tape-to-tape EQ’d to death copies that I made for a few friends around ’92 – ’93 I’ve never really gotten this one out there before now. Brand new digitization march 2011 @ 24 / 96 hi-res, EQ’d to enhance bass, stereo field also enhanced slightly, downsampled and dithered to CD ready FLAC files for your convenience. Sorry about the poorly timed tape flip in “Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World” – I was watching the tape reel wind down trying to get the end of “Love And Only Love” complete, waiting for the break to flip tapes. That break never came exactly as planned. The blank tape playback here represents approximately how much of the whole show is missing from tap flips. There’s another gap between “Love To Burn” and “Cinnamon Girl” just missing a few seconds of crowd noise…

I did tape Sonic Youth as well. I know that their fans will want that posted as well. I have no idea what most of the songs are called, so it’s hard to track their set. If you’d like to help with some naming schemes for their part, drop a line and we’ll hook something up…

Please don’t Re-Re-ReMaster this version of this show. The files have already been processed once, as well as them being “only” CD quality files. I will most likely release a full hi-res master clone version of this show in the future to please both the 24/96 fans and the Re-Re-Remasterbastardizers out there! hehe. Please share these lossless files freely – don’t buy don’t sell – but only share them as their original full lossless fileset. Feel free to include any new files (like art or a new text file or something) with the originals if you re-post elsewhere, but always keep the full original fileset (including this info file) fully intact! Don’t change or delete any original files.

Please don’t encrap this lossless fileset to eMPty3 format unless it is only for personal use. Better yet – don’t pervert the files to eMPty3 at all! haha. Do not distribute to anyone as lossy files. Friends don’t let friends listen lossy. Destroy used eMPty3 files when done with them. Keep your FLAC files handy for when you get a better audio system or for when you get the results of that much-needed hearing test!

Please share any cool photoshop-y artworx covers with us! Please email me copies if possible, and maybe consult with me as you work on your art, as I would love to maybe have a touch of input on the wording on the covers. Thanks!

Enjoy my original master recording that’s been previously uncirculated until now. Didn’t mean to keep it from anyone, but it takes time to transfer and process several boxes of various analog masters! I guess that I just finally got around to this one.

Keep on fuckin’ up the free world!

Oh, wait… That’s wrong. Nevermind……

Grateful Dead – Vancouver, Canada (05/17/74)

Grateful Dead
May 17, 1974
P.N.E. Coliseum – Vancouver, BC

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have three sources for this show you can read the info here.

Set 1:
d1t01 – The Promised Land
d1t02 – Deal
d1t03 – The Race Is On
d1t04 – Ramble On Rose
d1t05 – Jack Straw
d1t06 – Dire Wolf
d1t07 – Beat It On Down The Line
d1t08 – Loose Lucy
d1t09 – Big River
d1t10 – It Must Have Been The Roses
d1t11 – Mexicali Blues
d1t12 – Row Jimmy
d2t01 – Playing In The Band

Set 2:
d2t02 – U.S. Blues
d2t03 – Me And My Uncle
d2t04 – Ship Of Fools
d2t05 – Money Money
d2t06 – China Cat Sunflower ->
d2t07 – I Know You Rider
d2t08 – Greatest Story Ever Told
d2t09 – Sugaree
d3t01 – Truckin’ ->
d3t02 – Nobody’s Fault But Mine ->
d3t03 – Eyes Of The World ->
d3t04 – China Doll
d3t05 – Sugar Magnolia

Bob Dylan – Vancouver, Canada (11/11/78)

Bob Dylan
Pacific National Exhibition Hall
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
11 November 1978

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

01 – My Back Pages
02 – She’s Love Crazy (Tampa Red)
03 – Mr. Tambourine Man
04 – Shelter From The Storm
05 – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
06 – Tangled Up In Blue
07 – Ballad Of A Thin Man
08 – Maggie’s Farm
09 – I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
10 – Like A Rolling Stone
11 – I Shall Be Released
12 – SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)

13 – Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
14 – The Times They Are A-Changin’
15 – It Ain’t Me, Babe
16 – Am I Your Stepchild?
17 – One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
18 – Blowin’ In The Wind
19 – Girl From The North Country
20 – We Better Talk This Over
21 – Masters Of War
22 – Just Like A Woman
23 – All Along The Watchtower
24 – All I Really Want To Do
25 – It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
26 – Forever Young

27 – Changing Of The Guards

Concert # 40 of the 1978 US Fall Tour. 1978 concert # 89.
Concert # 66 with the 1978 World Tour Band:
Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar),
Billy Cross (lead guitar),
Alan Pasqua (keyboards),
Steven Soles (rhythm guitar, backup vocals),
David Mansfield (violin & mandolin),
Steve Douglas (horns),
Jerry Scheff (bass),
Bobbye Hall (percussion),
Ian Wallace (drums),
Helena Springs, Jo Ann Harris, Carolyn Dennis (background vocals).

1 instrumental without Bob Dylan.
5, 22 Bob Dylan (harmonica).
13 Helena Springs, Jo Ann Harris, Carolyn Dennis (vocals) without Bob Dylan.
15 Bob Dylan solo (vocal, harmonica & guitar).


  • Thank you. This is a love ballad I wrote a few years back. I didn’t want to but
    I had to. About three people who were in love all at the same time.
    (plays Tangled Up In Blue) Thank you. That was Alan Pasqua on the organ.
    Steve Douglas on the tenor saxophone.
  • Thank you. This song I wrote in Mexico, in Monterey, a place called Chihuahua.
    Tales Of Yankee Power. (plays SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power))
    We’re gonna take a break here. We’ll be back in ten minutes.
  • Thank you. That was Masters Of War, it was Billy Cross on the lead guitar.
  • Thank you. That was All Along The Watchtower. That was David Mansfield playing
    the violin.
  • Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, on the drums tonight … playing the
    drums, give him a warm hand, Ian Wallace.
  • On the bass guitar, Jerry Scheff. Playing the keyboards tonight, Alan Pasqua.
    Lead guitar, Billy Cross. On the violin and mandolin, David Mansfield.
    On the rhythm guitar, from Bogota, doesn’t speak any English, but he plays his
    heart out. Does it with rhythm. Ladies and gentlemen, Steven Soles.
    On the tenor saxophone, a legend in his own time. Ladies and gentlemen, the
    phenomenal Steve Douglas.
    All right, on the backup vocals tonight, my three favorite girls.
    On the right, Jo Ann Harris. In the middle, Helena Springs.
    And on the other side, Carolyn Dennis. On the conga drums, on the conga drums,
    from Detroit, the most amazing, don’t you agree, Miss Bobbye Hall.
    All right, we’re gonna head out of here pretty soon. I hope we played something
    right tonight. I know we tried. (before It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding))
  • Thank you. All right, we’re gonna leave you with this song. A song I wrote for
    one of my babies, when he was a baby. He’s not a baby anymore, he’s not here
    tonight, but I wanna play it anyway. (before Forever Young)

3 new songs (11%) compared to previous concert.

Stereo audience recording, 130 minutes.

LB-04116 ; 75min+62min ; 2CDR ; Rating: B+

11/11/78 Vancouver BC, Pacific Coliseum

version “a”;
Lineage: Master cassette > cassette > cassette > HD
Transfer: unknown pro cassette deck with external mics > unknown consumer cassette deck (master to 1st gen);
unknown consumer cassette deck > unknown consumer cassette deck (1st gen to 2nd gen);
Nak BX1 > HD (digital transfer)
Encoding: CDWave > flac frontend > flac
Taped by: a friend of a friend
Transfered by: Pantagruel

File Size: 772 MB (FLAC)


In honor of Bob’s show tonight in Vancouver, here is my first Dylan show, which took place
27 years and eleven months ago tonight in the very same venue.

This recording is quite dynamic — loud parts are pretty loud, quiet parts are very quiet.
The hiss is quite audible during quiet passages.
I don’t know if recording levels were low on the master, and an attempt to compensate was made
at some point during the transfers, or what. In any case, some parts of it sound not too bad.
There are some flaws, for sure. The first track fades in. Other fades were on my source tape.
Volume seems to fluctuate a bit here and there.
In spite of the flaws, I’m seeding this in the hope that somebody out there can put up a better one.
This show does circulate, and I have no idea how this compares with any other version that may be out there.
I’ve been unable to get this in a trade, and I got tired of waiting for it to show up.
On the positive side, it’s relatively low gen and the lineage is known.

So consider this an official appeal; if anybody out there has a better one, please bring it on.
And to all the local Bob fans . . , see you tonight!

bittorrent download 10/06;
same recording as LB-2888 based on same cough at begin of d1t4 and same clapping;
in comparison this makes that one sound muffled; right channel is lower volume than left;
very good to excellent sound [B+]

fade out to cut d1t10 4:22

Various Artists – Tribute to Neil Young – Vancouver, Canada (02/19/10)

Tribute to Neil Young – Hal Willner
Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Vancouver BC
19 Feb 2010

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Sony ECM-Sony Minidisc MZ-NF810-Analog Cable-PC Soundcard-Audacity-CD Wav-TLH

Set 1
A Dream That Can Last (Teddy Thompson, Jason Collett, Julie Doiron)
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (Jason Collett)
Don’t Cry No Tears (Teddy Thompson)
New Mama (Ron Sexsmith)
Down to the Wire (Elizabeth Powell – vocals, Julie Doiron, Jason Collett)
Mr. Soul (Jason Collett? – vocals, Julie Doiron? – vocals)
A Man Needs a Maid (Emily Haines – vocals, James Shaw – guitar)
Scenery (James Blood Ulmer)
For the Turnstiles (Eric Mingus – vocals & bass?, Nadine Goellner – vocals)
One More Sign (Alasdair Roberts)
After the Goldrush (Vashti Bunyan)
Love in Mind (Elvis Costello – vocals/guitar)
On the Beach (Joan as Police Woman – vocals/violin, Elvis Costello – guitar)
Helpless – (Lou Reed – vocals/guitar)
Albuquerque (Mark Kozelek) –
Sugar Mountain (Mark Kozelek w Ambrosia Parsley & Emily Haines) -small glitch due to disc change
Bandit (Ambrosia Parsley)
Country Girl (Bill Priddle)

Set 2
Intro Jam
Harvest Moon (Brendan Canning w Julie Doiron)
Expecting to Fly (Janine Nichols – vocals, Bill Priddle – vocals)
Needle and the Damage Done (Alasdair Roberts)
Out on the Weekend (Kevin Drew & Sam Goldberg)
Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Jenni Muldaur)
Star of Bethlehem (Jenni Muldaur, Ron Sexsmith)
Powderfinger (Mark Kozelek)
I Believe in You (Teddy Thompson)
Wrecking Ball (Vashti Bunyan, Ambrosia Parsley)
On the Way Home (Eric Mingus)
Scattered (Chris Brown)
Walk On (Kevin Drew – vocals/campfire host)
Cowgirl in the Sand (Elvis Costello – vocals/guitar) cuts out – Disc change
Cinnamon Girl (Elvis Costello – vocals/guitar) cuts in – Disc change
Fuckin’ Up (many guests onstage)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Julie Doiron – vocals, Kevin Drew – vocals & Everybody involved)

Artist List:
Chris Brown *keyboards in house band
Vashti Bunyan
Robert Burger *keyboards in house band
Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene) *bass in house band
Fred Cash *played bass in house band
Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene)
Elvis Costello
Julie Doiron
Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene)
Michelle Fairman? *cello in house band
Nadine Goellner
Sam Goldberg (Broken Social Scene, Hawaii)
Emily Haines (Metric, Broken Social Scene)
Kevin Hearn (Bare Naked Ladies)
Shahzad Ismaily *guitar and other instruments in house band
Colin James
Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painters)
Daniel Lapp *violin and trumet in house band
Eric Mingus
Jenni Muldaur
Janine Nichols
Ambrosia Parsley (Shivaree)
Justin Peroff (Broken Social Scene) *drums in house band
Ben Perowsky *played drums in house band
Elizabeth Powell (Land of Talk)
Bill Priddle (Treble Charger, Broken Social Scene)
Lou Reed (Velvet Underground)
Alasdair Roberts
Ron Sexsmith
James Shaw (Metric, Broken Social Scene)
Teddy Thompson
James “Blood” Ulmer
Joan Wasser (Joan as Police Woman)
Andrew Whiteman (Broken Social Scene)
Doug Wielselman *clarinet, sax, guitar, ultravibes in house band