Queen – Vancouver, Canada (12/14/78)

Live in Vancouver, B.C.
December 14, 1978
Pacific Coliseum

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

1gen Analog ReMaster to digital
Originally recorded by Fred W. from right up front and center
Tape to tape copy and mastering by Audioarchivist U – 101

Queen>PA & stage monitor sound>air and audience>Fred’s mics and rig (unsure – Marantz?)>Maxell UD90 tapes>vintage Akai replay deck (azimuth adjusted, no Dolby)>Sentrek 12 band analog EQ (minor low and high boost)>Denon DRM500 recording deck (Dolby on for recording) to make my tape copy>Maxell XL II 90>played back on same Denon DRM500 (azimuth re-adjusted, no Dolby)>Sentrek 12 band analog EQ (more lows and highs, shaping upper bass/lower mids)>SoundBlaster live! 5.1 card (grounded and tweaked)>Wavelab 4.0(track markers only, no digital processing at all)

When I originally copied this from Fred’s collection for myself on cassette, I was amazed how clear this recording was and how close Fred sounded to the stage. I almost always performed EQ surgery on any copies I made to try and smooth everything out, and this was no exception. This tape, like many recordings Fred did thru the years, was pretty close to perfect already and didn’t need much work to make it sound like you were actually there, however, the lowest tones of bass and kick drum were a little thin, and upper bass/lower vocal range was a little jumpy. Well that’s all fixed now. There is some noise associated with the original tapes (normal bias “low noise” tapes!) but that should not discourage you at all. My copy sounded more pleasing than the originals did, and even more refined when played into the computer for you now. I have chosen to not process the noise out, and leave a little bit of the shit and corruption in. I think the background noise gives this tape life and breath, and removing it would kill the atmosphere it brings. You will get used to it after 5 minutes, and it’s not noticeable at all over the music.

I have tracked this for CD in the way it was on the master tapes, leaving all sides uncut. Side A is disc 1 (38:39), while sides B and C fit on disc 2 (77:27). I have included scans of my color photocopies of Fred’s original master tape covers for you, and a copy of the cover of the 1978 tour book. I have no real artworx for this NEW MASTERPIECE, so if you make some, please post them at TTD in the thread for this bootleg, and also please email me jpegs of your results.

Feel free to make audio CDR’s of this for your friends and family, but if any of them might trade further, please provide them with a copy of the FLAC files. Don’t rip from the audio CDR copies you make, EVER! There is no need to pee in the trading pool. Backup your FLAC files, you’ll need them later! If you can avoid it, don’t EnCrap to MP3 files, either. MP3 sounds like crud anyway, and this dynamic recording will suffer greatly in lossy formats. If I find out you spread around an MP3 version of this, I’ll come to your house and do bad things to you and yours… like farting in your fridge! So, just don’t make into lossy files, please! That goes for you, too AAC and OGG!

Track listings:

Disc 1 (38:39)

  1. We Will Rock You (fast version)
  2. Let Me Entertain You
  3. Somebody To Love
  4. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em
  5. Death On Two Legs > (medley start)
  6. Killer Queen >
  7. Bicycle Race >
  8. I’m In Love With My Car (medley end)
  9. Get Down Make Love
  10. You’re My Best Friend
    tape flip

Disc 2 (77:27)

  1. Now I’m Here
  2. Spread Your Wings
  3. Dreamer’s Bar
  4. Love Of My Life
  5. ’39
  6. It’s Late
  7. Brighton Rock >
  8. Roger Taylor’s tympani solo >
  9. Brian May’s guitar solo >
  10. Jam
    tape flip
  11. Fat Bottomed Girls
  12. Keep Yourself Alive
  13. Bohemian Rhapsody
  14. Tie Your Mother Down
    1st encore (tape edit)
  15. Sheer Heart Attack
    2nd encore (tape edit)
  16. We Will Rock You (slow version) >
  17. We Are The Champions
  18. outtro

Hopefully I’ve gotten all the song titles right. If I’ve made mistakes, it’s only proof that I’m human. Feel free to post any corrections or additions… Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy it!


The technical mumbo jumbo and a more cryptic track listing follow:

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