Peter Gabriel – Santa Ana, CA (06/17/80)

Santa Ana Clubhouse
Santa Ana, California USA
June 17th 1980

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Pre tour warm-up show
Stopped by the Fire Marshall

From best of 3 sources
New Cover artwork
Speed corrected
Done by someone that was at the show.

Source: Audience Recording
Deck: Unknown (Stereo)
Mic: Unknown
Sound Quality: (A) VG+ sound
Source: 2nd gen Cassette
Transfer: >PB Pioneer CT-F1000>ASUS Xonar DG Sound Card>Audacity 2.0 @96k/24bit>Export multiple tracks 44.1k/16bit/flac8>TLH SBEs fixed>You

Peter, John Ellis and the opening band for the rest of the tour
(Random Hold w/David Rhodes)
flew in on saturday the 14th on a 13 hour red eye flight, just for this s#it!
This was Peter’s “Get me to the Greek moment.”

The Band Was:
Peter Gabriel
Tony Levin
Larry Fast
Jerry Marotta
John Ellis


  1. Intruder
  2. The Start/I Don’t Remember
  3. Solsbury Hill
  4. Family Snapshot
  5. Milgrams 37
  6. Modern Love
  7. Not One Of Us
  8. Lead A Normal Life
  9. Moribund The Burgermeister
  10. Mother Of Violence
  11. Humdrum
  12. Annoucement
    “I’ve just been told that um, that we have somewhat of a serious problem.
    We have exceeded the fire limit here… I’ll be back”…
    “I’ve been really trying hard to persuade them to let us finish off, but there’s absolutly no way, HOLD ON, HOLD ON the power will be pulled!”

Because KROQ radio would not shut up about “The secret Peter Gabriel” show,
and gave free tickets all day.
This small dance club for about 250, had close to 1000 Gabriel fans packed inside. To make it worse he was over an hour late, and the opening act, a mime tried to stall for an hour, by melting into a pool of tears.
The club was a small door that opens to a long narrow room, instead of the stage at one end, it was in the middle of the room with a riser for 100 seats. That’s it! Then the band put PA speakers on both sides of the stage, cutting off the view of 60% of the people. The back cover is about what it looked like with Peter climbing on and around speakers to find the audience. And John trying to play guitar over his head.
I was lucky to be guest of the band not KROQ so I got in (many did not) and sat on the floor on the risers by the second row. I taped that night, but my mic was blown by the kaos. So I have 3 tapes of this show, this is the best quality stereo tape, and much better than what was circulating by far.
This was recorded from about the spot I created for the back cover, so just in front of the speakers, right side of the stage.


  1. PG and Larry Fast 1980-06-24 KROQ Radio Pasadena Calif. [21:00]


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