Merle Haggard – New York, NY (06/06/80)

Merle Haggard
Country Sessions
From the Lone Star Cafe
New York City

I no longer have this show, if anyone does and is willing to share it, please let me know.

pre-FM recording

1. Introduction
2. The Fightin’ Side Of Me
3. Medley: Mama Tried, Red Bandana, Swinging Doors
4. Commercial (REMOVED)
5. Medley: Working Man Blues, Always Late
6. Today I Started Loving You Again
7. commercial (REMOVED)
8. Cindy
9. It’s Been A Great Afternoon
10. Wake Up
11. commercial (REMOVED)
12. Ramblin Fever
13. Trouble In Mind
14. commercial (REMOVED)
15. Medley: Honky Time Night Time Man, Old Man From The Mountain
16. Okie From Muskogee

I picked this up a while back from DAD and found it to be an incredible recording from Hag.  I did remove the commercials from this pre-FM source though, and if anyboby really needs some commercials of Pat Sumarall shilling for Ace hardware, well you’ll need to look elsewhere because they are NOT here

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0 thoughts on “Merle Haggard – New York, NY (06/06/80)

  1. Megaupload is shut down. Do you have a way I can get this recording? I was at the Concert and it means a lot to me. Thanks.

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