Tom Waits – El Paso, TX (06/20/08)

Tom Waits
recorded live at
the Plaza Theatre
El Paso, Texas
June 20, 2008

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

lineage: core sound binaurals (w/ bass filter)->edirol R-09 (24/48)->usb->hard drive->audacity(normalize/fades/48 to 44.1/24 to 16)->cdwave (track splits)->TLH (flac)

Disc 1
1. Lucinda
2. Way Down in the Hole
3. Falling Down
4. Chocolate Jesus
5. Singapore
6. Fannin Street
7. Get Behind the Mule
8. Trampled Rose
9. Metropolitan Glide
10. The Other Side of the World
11. God’s Away on Busines
12. Hoist That Rag (w/ Sullivan Waits on congas)
13. (Tom gets key to the city)
14. Lucky Day
15. House Where Nobody Lives

Disc 2
1. Lost in the Harbour
2. Lie to Me
3. Goin’ Out West
4. Jesus Gonna Be Here (w/band intros)
5. Make it Rain
6. Dirt in the Ground

the Band:
Sean Ford-Young on Bass
Omar Torrez on guitar
Patrick Warren on keys
Vincent Henry on horns
Casey Waits on drums.

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