Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lucinda Williams – Boston, MA (11/16/99)

Lucinda Williams Boston 1999-11-16 front

Lucinda Williams
(Double bill with Richard Thompson opening)
Boston Orpheum, Boston, MA
Nov. 16, 1999

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 entrance
02 Pineola
03 intro
04 Metal Firecracker
05 intro
06 Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
07 intro
08 Right In Time
09 intro
10 Drunken Angel
11 Greenville
12 intro
13 I Lost It

14 intro
15 2 Kool 2 Be 4-Gotten
16 intro
17 Can’t Let Go
18 band intros
19 Changed The Locks
20 Joy
21 intro
22 Lake Charles
23 intro
24 Come To Me Baby

DAT master > CDR (HHB CD800) > Audio Cleaning Lab (for level adjustments and track placements) > CDR (NEC CD-RW NR-9100A) > EAC > Flac > You!

From the original uploader:
The mix on this puppy is excellent! It is not a monitor mix but the actual house mix so all instruments are present and in full stereo. The clarity of the recording is remarkable: you can hear the band’s footsteps as they first walk on stage as well as onstage patter between the musicians.

All of Lucinda’s song intros have been given their own track ID’s so that they may be skipped over during playback or completely edited out when burning to CD.
Another Guy Smiley Production with unbridled help from SteelysBro.

From me:

This sickness has knocked me flatter than expected. Me and my daughter have been trading off stomach bugs and flu viruses for two weeks now. I think we’re finally over that but yesterday I came back with a killer cold. Recovery is in my sites, but darn if it isn’t still a few days away. On top of that there are parental visits both here and a far so, plus we just found out the house we’re renting sold so we have to move soon. All of that’s more than you guys need to know but it is to say we’re still weeks away from me posting in any sort of regular fashion.

And of course I’m still figuring out what site to use. I like the way Rapidgator runs for the most part except it seems to be having trouble with multiple uploads at once. It says it can handle them and allows me to try but inevitably one or more get hung up in the process and I have to go back and try again.  Which is a hassle.  I looked at Zippyshare but they have a 200 mb limit which isn’t disastrous, but it is annoying having to break the files up every time.  I’ll give it a whirl sometime though and if everything else works right I may just have to suck it up.

Someone mentioned Hotfile and if my  memory serves they are alright but it seems like they are a hassle in terms of downloading as a freeloader.  Don’t they make you wait awhile between downloads and do silly things like type in those goofy letters to prove your human and the like?  That crap drives me crazy as a downloader.  Anyways keep bearing with me.  Hopefully we’ll get back into the swing of things sometime relatively soon.

10 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lucinda Williams – Boston, MA (11/16/99)

  1. Rapidgator is good for free users. I use to use it as a free users before I got an account. Hotfile is an alright service but they delete a lot of files if they see copyright infringement. Hotfile is a good service but not if you are posting on a public blog like this.

    As far as depotfile there downloads speeds for free users are terrible or at least they are for me

  2. This was a great show – and, if my memory serves me well (apologies to The Band) I am fairly certain that Lucinda Williams was the opening act and Richard Thompson (touring with Danny Thompson) closed the show – I drove a number of hours to see the show, one reason being the double-bill. Great show and a good one to have in anyone’s collection!

  3. Hi

    Hope your cold represents a brief but final hurdle.

    Hotfile is far better than Rapidgator for free users – no Captcha codes to enter, decent speeds and only 30 mins between downloads. People went off using them when they panicked over the whole DMCA FBI turmoil and deleted a lot of bloggers files. Just ask Dr Forrester at ‘Just Add Cones’. Shouldn’t be an issue for you as all your posts seem to always be squeaky clean. Incidentally Rapidgator frequently opens streaming video ‘chat’ featuring semi naked young ladies, and other invitations to casual sex dating sites. Maybe your clients are secretly enjoying this stuff while their wives and significant others think they are just downloading yet another Grateful Dead gig!!
    Oh and really you are very lucky if Rapidgator allows you to d/l more than 2 files in any given 24 hour period. There are several daily limits which apply.
    Appreciate your issues with depositfiles but vastly better d/l experience for vast majority of users. Hotfile should be best as long as you don’t have any enemies you’ve forgotten about!
    Take care, keep well

  4. Mat – Yes, Hotfile makes you type in letters, but so does Rapidgator and just about all the others (unless you’re a paid user, but that’s another story).

    I think HF’s wait times are the same or less than with other file servers and their DL speeds for free users are excellent. No sign that HF deletes files unless you have stuff posted that clearly violates copyright (unlike yours, which don’t). And no sign of that awful “bait and switch” behavior with HF that we’ve seen repeatedly with RS over the years. Arrggghh!!!!

    Anyway, as a fellow blogger who’s been using HF for a year (with no complaints by readers), I think they’re worth a try.

  5. Appreciate the thoughts everybody. Had no idea Rapidgator played those terrible videos. Yuck. I hate that crap.

    Alright I’ll give Hotfile a try. It has been a long while since I’ve downloaded much of anything that wasn’t a torrent, but my vague memory told me Hotfile was no good, but it wasn’t exactly sure why. But if you guys dig I’ll try.

    Man I wish I had the cash to pay for the server/bandwidth on my own and not have to deal with these lousy sites, but that’s the way it goes, I guess.

  6. Mat: Hotfile, to put it delicately, sucks! There are times when I simply cannot make it work. Rapidgator is not terrible. Nor, for that matter, is Depositfiles; once you resign yourself to wasting 60 seconds of your life its not bad to use.

    Remember how great your stuff is. I don’t mind putting up with a little nonsense to get the music.

    I hope you and your family feel better and enjoy the season.

    BTW, any was to get the Richard Thompson half of that show?

  7. Hope you feel totally up to normal now Mat. I like Hotfile a lot… for free downloaders, just a 15-second wait with minimal hassle, at least for the first big one. Then you have to wait a while.

    Thanks and happy holidays!

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