Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (03/29/74)


Olympia Theatre
Dublin, Ireland
March 29th 1974 Early

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. Announcement
02. Astral Weeks
03. Moondance (Instrumental)
04. Unknown Instrumental
05. Ain’t Nothin’ You Can Do
06. Warm Love
07. Help Me
08. I Believe To My Soul
09. Into The Mystic
10. I’ve Been Working
11. Here Comes The Night
12. Don’t Look Back
13. Caravan
14. Come Running
15. Gloria

Source 1:
Fair/Good Audience Recording

Continuous Recording, Brief Cut at the start of Track 13

Details (Date/Venue/Setlist) are as Received with the Tape. The Setlist is different to other
Circulating Versions but my source was very reliable so I don’t doubt the Information given.

Lineage: Master Cassette > Cassette (Sony HF-S 90) (JG) > Akai GX95 11 > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8

Mastered to Digital by JTT, March 2011

Source 2: I have no information on this at all. It comes with no text files. It does have cover art but they don’t list the source either. It definitely sounds different from the JTT source and the track timings are different.

3 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (03/29/74)

  1. I’d never seen this show before, thanks. I would agree with the txt file that the sound quality is fair/good. Thanks Mat.

  2. Ummh, this must be one of the final caledonia soul orchestra lineup gigs. I always associate these with ’73. d/ling now but judging from setlist must be. Anyway very different to the US small group gigs from later in ’74.
    anyway d/l is running and ‘it’s too late to stop now’!!

    Looking forward to checking this one out

    Cheers from a rainy London

  3. ps T.U.B.E. recently posted the truly FAB 1991 BBC Omnibus programme as a JTT DVD. This is an absolure MUST SEE for any Van fan. Of course those mad lunatics at the BBC have never seen fit to re-broadcast. It is packed full of live performances (uncut) and refuses to make all those tiresome formulaic mistakes so beloved of music docu makers.
    I’d give it a straight 10/10 if the usually excellent JTT hadn’t decided to encode it as lossy dolby digital (256KB) instead of proper PCM.

    My own raw transfer is PCM and fits on DVD5 so I couldn’t suggest a reason why. however I only had mono VHS in 1991 and the broadcast was ‘NICAM’ stereo. I just cannot understand why music quality has to be diminished just because you’ve got pictures as well!!

    Anyway if you haven’t already, just get it and watch it. One of the best music films ever made IMHO

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