Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Austin, TX (12/08/78)

Tom Waits - Austin City Limits 1978

Tom Waits
Austin City Limits 1978

Download MP3@320

Summertime / Burma Shave
Annie’s Back In Town
I Wish I Was In New Orleans / Ain’t Gonna Rain
A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun
On The Nickel
Romeo Is Bleeding
Silent Night / Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis
Small Change

13 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Tom Waits – Austin, TX (12/08/78)

  1. I was at the 1975 live recording of Nighthawks at The Diner at the Record Plant in LA. That was pretty cool. Waits can set a mood like a great storyteller. My buddy won tickets by calling in to a radio station. I was 18 years old and my friend was 17. They gave us free drinks all night. They had a stripper come out to get the crowd all crazy. I was amazed they let us in.

  2. Terry…after the waiting time finishes and the box appears that asks you to click to download the file….look below the download box. In small print you will see what NarrowDog is referencing. Another dirty trick for us free users.

  3. Those of you who are seeing the file manager download what browser are you using? I tried it in Firefox and Chrome and didn’t see any such thing, but I canceled the file out before it downloaded so maybe I missed it.

  4. I’m sorry about that Matthew. It appears that maybe Safari and IE are being problematic with File Factory right now. Could you maybe try Firefox or Chrome? I hate to make you switch browsers but I’m hoping they’ll sort it out before to long on their own and that will keep me from having to switch sites.

  5. Many thanks!

    This is great stuff… I didn’t remember liking Burma Shave but
    this version is fantastic…. and sticking Summertime on the
    front end of it was a stroke of genius.

    The SQ is excellent as well.

  6. I have IE9 and the little box does appear after the countdown under the “download” box and I just uncheck it and everything goes fairly smoothly after that, slow but it works. I usually download one file/day from FF, that’s all they’ll allow….
    thanks so much for all your music!! Fantastic stuff!!

  7. I just downloaded a FF file and when I tried to do a second one after the first one was finished, it said i had to wait 2888 seconds!!!

  8. File Factory does make you wait differing amounts if you try to download a bunch over a short period of time. Its usallly pretty short for the first couple but then it stretches on up to an hour or so.

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