Jerry Garcia Band – New Brunswick, NJ (12/04/77)

Jerry Garcia Band
The Barn, Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ
12/4/77 set I + one song from set II

Download SHN: Google Drive

SHNID: 13819

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Single Disc (7) 78:49
–Set I–
01. The Harder They Come [12:18]
02. Simple Twist Of Fate [13:53]
03. They Love Each Other [7:35]
04. Tore Up Over You [7:30]
05. Stir It Up [11:43]
06. Midnight Moonlight [11:28]
–Set II–
07. //Second That Emotion [14:18]

d1t04 drop @ 2:36 removed using Soundforge
d1t05 Here Comes the Sun theme @ 9:38-10:08
d1t07 pop @ start removed using Soundforge
d1t07 Second That Emotion cuts in, not much missing

3 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia Band – New Brunswick, NJ (12/04/77)

  1. Cheers Mat, good effort to keep posting, another JGB too. Interesting how fragmentary/incomplete etc the JGB shows tend to be in comparison to the Dead shows. Different characters doing the taping I guess, or maybe the ‘taper friendly’ Dead policies weren’t so much in evidence at these venues.

    Anyway, just an observation, it’s never really bothered me or detracted from my enjoyment of recordings if they are incompl anyway, saves a little precious disk space too!

    Hope things are progressing ok with you

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