Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Oakland, CA (07/24/87)


Grateful Dead
July 24, 1987
Oakland Stadium
Oakland, CA ,USA

Download: FLAC/MP3



Set 1:
d1t01 – Funiculi Funicula, Tico Tico
d1t02 – JackStraw
d1t03 – Mississippi Half Step
d1t04 – My Brother Esau
d1t05 – Friend of the Devil
d1t06 – Me and My Uncle
d1t07 – Big River
d1t08 – When Push Comes to Shove
d1t09 – Far From Me
d1t10 – Cassidy
d1t11 – Deal

d1t12 – Touch of Grey
d1t13 – All Along the Watchtower

Set 2:
d2t01 – Tuning
d2t02 – Hell in a Bucket
d2t03 – Scarlet Begonias
d2t04 – Playin in the Band
d2t05 – Drums
d2t06 – Space
d2t07 – Uncle John’s Band
d2t08 – Dear Mr. Fantasy
d2t09 – I Need a Miracle
d2t10 – Bertha
d2t11 – Sugar Magnolia
d2t12 – Sunshine Daydream

Set 3:
d3t01 – The Times They Are A Changin
d3t02 – Man Of Peace
d3t03 – Maggies Farm
d3t04 – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
d3t05 – I Want You
d3t06 – Highway 61 Revisited
d3t07 – It’s All Over Now,Baby Blue
d3t08 – Memphis Blues
d3t09 – Ballad of a Thin Man
d3t10 – Shelter From the Storm
d3t11 – Slow Train Coming
d3t12 – Knockin on Heavens Door

Bob Dylan:Guitar,Vocals CD 3 and encore
Jerry Garcia:Guitar,Vocals,Pedal Steel Guitar on d3t04
Bob Weir:Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Phil Lesh:Bass Guitar,Vocals
Billy Kreutzmann:Drums
Micky Hart:Percussion
Brent Mydland:Keyboards,Vocals


Source 1: shnid:92568

Hat-Mounted Realistic PZM’s with Sony WMD6-C
60 feet away,dead center
Maxell MX 90 No nr
Transfer Info:
Taped and transferred by Russ Cansler

— Encores on the end of Set 1 to keep sets on single discs

Source 2:Β  SHNID: 97493

Primary source: Soundboard Sony multi-track PCM master > mixdown cassette [recorded on Sony TCD5M] > Sony F1 PCM Beta tape > Beta PCM clone > CD [digital transfer to HHB standalone].

with splices from:
Secondary source: Dead soundman Dan Healy’s audience master – microphones hung in front of the house sound booth above the crowd > Sony F1 PCM Beta tape master > Beta PCM clone > CD [digital transfer to HHB standalone].

Combination REMASTER info:
CD’s received in trade > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III soundcard > Pro Tools [speed match, seamless edits, normalization and tracking] > AIFF > xACT (FLAC level 8 files with sector boundaries verified). md5 file created with checkSUM+. No equalization or noise reduction was used in the remastering process.

20 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Oakland, CA (07/24/87)

  1. Thanks for another one!
    I’ve been listening to these shows for the first time.. The GD sets are average I think – typical for 1987. As for Dylan: I am not a knowledgeable fan – I have the albums from the 1960s and 70s, and that’s about it. His vocals here I find a bit strange and detached from the band – do Dylan fans like this tour?

  2. nikos, as a general rule i would have to say no! The shows are inconsistent at best. However, some of the arrangements really work – ‘Slow Train’ ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’ ‘Chimes Of Freedom’ ‘Man of Peace’ ‘Queen Jane Approx’ and a few others too. Also Jerry’s soloing on Watchtower is simply stunning – all the great players who have backed Bob on this song can take a step backwards!

    As for the vocals – dismissed at the time, however i have alsways felt that Bob was searching for a specific vocal that would work with the Dead. He is a big fan after all!! If you investigate Bob’s tours from 86-88 you find Bob with 3 different voices in 3 tours. Drenched in white boy soul (if a little nasal) in 86 with the Heartbreakers, Then bluesy and world weary in 87 with the Dead, fragile and ethereal later in 87 with the Heartbreakers again, (Bob’s last ‘Art house’ tour)

    I could never recommend any of these tours as ‘essential’ Bob. All of them have moments of greatness however, and all are interesting and worth investigating anyway.

    ps this is history after all – Dylan and the Dead, just a little later than ideal for both Bob and Jerry!

    Also you have to remember that these were stadium gigs and i doubt whether many people who dreamt of this pairing really wished for that!

    They can’t be all bad, I have returned to them too many times over the years!

  3. DylanDave thanks a lot for taking time to reply! Maybe this would have been a more powerful combination in, say, 1975. My favorite GD timeline is 1972-74. Which Dylan tour would you recommend for a “classic-era” rock fan?

  4. nikos,

    start with ’74 tour with the band, ’84 isn’t essential but rocks out nicely at times with Mick Taylor on guitar (much better than the ‘Real Live’ album anyway. More recently 94-97 might appeal to you – try Woodstock ’94 for a good starting point

    ps i agree with you about the Dead timeline although i always enjoy the ’77 shows

  5. Thanks DylanDave, the 74 tour with the Band sounds like the right one for me..
    GD: yep, ’77 was a year with solid, well-played shows, 1976 and 78 have their moments too.. Then things get less interesting for me, especially after 1983, when Big Jer’s powers started to wane,

  6. Hey Nikos – please don’t start with the 74 tour !!

    Ha ha

    no disrespect to Dylan Dave, he is no doubt far better qualified
    than me to make sensible suggestions ( I mean that
    sincerely ), and I know you mentioned “classic rock”…..

    but 74? ( which is “interesting” for sure, and there is great music
    therein ) but …

    …. there must be a better recommendation, there MUST be ….


    thinks: with the Dead it all hinges on how well the band are functioning
    as a unit.
    with Bob: it all hinges on the singing.

    My recommendation (to throw a sidelight on official releases):-
    A good show or two from RT 1975, like Plymouth Rock
    and: some good shows from UK 2000

    Essay question: contrast and compare !

    This is opinion not fact.

  7. Only opinion but the reason i suggested ’74 was due to the fact that it represents Bob being ‘Bob Dylan’ backed up by a truly great band (lower or upper case ‘B’). I’m not going to argue about 2000 – i have said many times that it is my favourite tour of recent times. However Rolling Thunder despite being great and essential, is far from rock, and also far from being representative of Bob as an artist, just as the ‘Desire’ album itself was.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the ’74 tour. I would direct you to the early shows on the tour such as Chicago or Philadelphia where you will find Bob in fab voice, great arrangements and performances and some magical solo sets too. The later shows (such as LA ‘Before The Flood’ album are very exciting and dynamic (and well recorded in albums and boots) however by this stage of the tour many consider Bob to be ‘shouting’ rather than singing. There is definitely some truth in this.

    nikos, it just depends what you are looking for really. If you wish to investigate the RTR or 2000 tour there are many on this blog alone to try. I actually assumed you had already heard some of these.


  8. ps nikos – if you feel RTR is for you, try to get ‘Plymouth Rock’ or ‘Cowboy Angel Blues’ (which includes Plymouth)


    Few days after Plymouth Rock and just as good in terms of sound and perf quality. Bonus trax from Toronto but sourced from Renaldo and Clara s-track


    This is the LAST time I will direct people to this SUPERB and recent boot – the best I have heard since Plymouth, both in sound qual terms and also in terms of performance.

    Anybody who chooses to disregard 3 referrals doesn’t deserve to hear anythining so precious!!

  9. Thanks so much DylanDave – I’m downloading that show as I am writing this. I fully understand this type of friendly competition between fans, being a GD collector for 35 years and also a jazz buff and collector! I get pretty passionate myself in a discussion about GD boots or the best Vandermark Five shows! But then, people who REALLY like an artist are the most able to direct a newbie usefully.. Thanks again, to you and Tony!

  10. Understood, bit of a jazz buff/collector myself! Pretty sure that is more common among Dead fans than Bob’s crowd! It’s all good to me

    I still consider myself a GD ‘newbie’ but i’m catching up fast, i’ve learnt a lot on this blog and gone back to Dead recordings i collected years back. Now i hear them with new ears!

    Take care and happy holidays to all

  11. Yes, as it happens I agree with what Dylan Dave said
    but I thought I’d just chuck in an alternative view πŸ™‚

    Peace & Love 2 All

  12. I highly recommend the 2000 tour and hey, whatta ya know, many of them are available right her on The Midnight Cafe. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve always felt the Dylan & the Dead run was underrated. I remember the first time I listened to the official album I was surprised at how decent it was. Its by no means the best of either artist, but people crap on it so much I expected it to be awful.

    I think part of the problem was that expectations were so high. Both Dylan and the Dead have really fervent fan bases and I expect there is a lot of crossover making a lot of folks get really excited at the prospects. The results made for a big let down.

    But listening to this run and I come away thinking its some really solid performances. Nobody is really at the top of their game and I wouldn’t call this tour essential for either Dylan or the Dead. Its a lot better than it gets credit for though I still can’t help wondering what it could have been had it happened a decade earlier.

  13. Is there an issue with the AUD download? It keeps telling me it’ll restart the download in 30 seconds…but it does that over and over. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  14. Thank you for this but I’ve been downloading the Dylan set countless of times but I’m still not able to extract it. Do you think you could check your link and maybe reupload it?

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