Jimi Hendrix – Stockholm, Sweden (09/05/67)

Jimi Hendrix Experience
Radiohus Studio
Stockholm, Sweden

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Side one:
1 – Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band [1:45]
2 – Hey Joe [4:08]
3 – I Don’t Live Today [4:22]
4 – The Wind Cries Mary [3:37]
5 – Foxy Lady [3:37]
6 – Fire [2:59]

Side two:
1 – Burning of the Midnight Lamp [4:06]
2 – Purple Haze [5:13]
3 – Sunshine of Your Love [7:51]
4 – Voodoo Child (Slight Return) [7:56]

Tracks 1-8 – Radiohus Studio, Stockholm, Sweden, 9/5/67.
Tracks 9-10 – Konserthus, Stockhom, 1/9/69.
Vinyl (Wizardo WRMB 333)> rca cables> goldwave> flac

Jimi Hendrix – guitar
Noel Redding – bass
Mitch Mitchell – drums

3 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – Stockholm, Sweden (09/05/67)

  1. Interesting

    essential stuff obviously. However I am not sure I have ever heard this particular source.

    Bootleg vinyl is always a bit of a roll of the dice (poor qual vinyl, bad mastering, speed issues, too high gen tape used on occasions) however sometimes it can be just peachy too!! The principal advantage is that they were often made years back, when the tapes were still bright and shiny!

    looking forward to checking this out later (or maybe i’ll save it for the weekend!)

    Cheers Mat, another nice post

  2. It is very similar to The Swinging Pig bootleg ‘Fire’ which came out in 1989.
    I imagine Hendrix fans will be familiar with it. Highly recommended for anybody who particularly likes the early era.

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