Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Tokyo, Japan (04/03/14)

3 April 2014
Zepp DiverCity
Tokyo, Japan
(show 3 of 9 in Tokyo)

Download: FLAC/MP3

set 1
1. intro
2. Things Have Changed
3. She Belongs To Me
4. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
5. What Good Am I?
6. Waiting For You
7. Duquesne Whistle
8. Pay In Blood
9. Tangled Up In Blue
10. Love Sick


set 2
11. intro
12. High Water (For Charley Patton)
13. Simple Twist Of Fate
14. Early Roman Kings
15. Forgetful Heart
16. Spirit On The Water
17. Scarlet Town
18. Soon After Midnight
19. Long And Wasted Years

20. All Along The Watchtower
21. Blowin’ In The Wind

Bob’s band
Tony Garnier – bass
George Recile – drums
Stu Kimball – rhythm guitar
Don Herron – pedal steel, lap steel, banjo, violin…
Charlie Sexton – lead guitar

recording details
taper: audiowhore
source: CA-11s > CA-9100 > Sony PCM-M10 (recorded at 24/48)
transfer: SD card > PC > WAV (24bit/48kHz) > Audition (edit, hard limiting on obtrusive clapping) > Sampling rate convert to 16/44 > TLH > flac8 > Dime (April 2014)
taping location: middle of Section A (front half of the floor)


19 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Tokyo, Japan (04/03/14)

  1. I’m trying something slightly new. Instead of zipping the files Amazon is letting me just upload the folders unzipped. That’s what the tech people suggested. Please let me know how it works on the download end.

  2. Mat,

    FYI – seems it is gonna be like some of the other services i’ve tried (copy.com etc) and won’t allow d’l of folders for free users. Bandwidth is currently too busy to test fully, but when i click on the folder icon it opens and displays files within, download button is ‘greyed out’. I’m sure it would allow d/l by file as it is ‘lit’ when i select an individual file.

    Seems folder dl/upload and sync is a service they all reserve for subscribers

    ps hadn’t noticed any issues with site until i tried to post this and had to re-enter email etc. The old cookie is obviously defunct. Otherwise nothing to report

    1. I see what you mean. It seems this way you are only going to be able to download each individual file instead of as a zip. Is that too much hassle?

      In my conversation with Amazon today they said they didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t be able to upload a zip file, but that she’d never heard of anyone doing that. Her suggestion was to use their desktop app and to do what I did which is upload the folders.

      I did try to do a zip and it was super slow and did some kind of weird reset in the middle so I gave up. Unless everybody revolts I think I’m gonna have to go unzipped. sorry it that’s super inconvenient. I think you can download multiple files so it should just be a slight annoyance.

  3. These are great recordings – so good that Crystal Cat actually released one of these shows. Very rare for them to release anything they didn’t record themselves, and they’ve certainly never been spotted that far from home.

  4. ps well worth checking out the recent Thousand Highways’ posts if you haven’t already. Current post is summer 2015 Europe tour. ’89 compilations are very solid, and sources are mostly upgrades on my old tour compilation sets.

  5. As I recall, when I listened to these shows at the time the performances seemed to have a bit more ‘Bob’ in them if you get my meaning. same setlists as the europe 2013 but a bit more variation and nuance in the vocals. Haven’t really checked ’em out again since, but that’s how i remember it

      1. Hi matt, This process is just the same as at the Bigo site, takes longer to do but it’s the music that counts not the time. Cheers for all your work and patience.

  6. Hi Mat,

    I cannot think of a single techie reason why a zip file should be any different to any other file type – unless it’s some kind of built in annoyance factor to discourage sharing or force you to use some daft real time sync’ing function. You know all these operators work on an assumption that everybody has about 10 albums of music (in ‘my music’ folder of course) and about a hundred photos (in ‘my pictures’ folder of course) so of course you want ot cripple your pc by having it permaently sync’d to some remote server via a slow and unreliable adsl service!! It is the mentality and motives of these people which ultimately always render their services to be more hassle than they are worth.

    Gotta be worth trying a ‘rar’ at some point.

    File by file is almost guaranteed to push me over the edge. I can’t even stand to use the BigO site as i get so fed up and confused trying to keep track of dozens of files and then trying to put them all back together again whilst doing a dozen other things and whilst my download folder is cluttering up with god knows what from half a dozen other unrelated downloads. it all just ends up in an unholy mess.

    Of course the problem gets ten times worse if tracks have generic titles too.

    I know i can just create a folder and point the dls at that, but then i have to remember to change it back again before those other unrelated things end up where they were never intended to be. Sorry i know i’m rambling, but i’ve been up and down these roads so many times, and tripped over the same potholes too, more times than i can possible remember.

    1. I totally hear ya on the individual file thing. Thinking about it I realize that’s why I never go to BigO much as my files get all screwed up as well because I’m terrible at remembering to organize them as I download.

  7. Mat

    On a more constructive note

    Have you tried putting the ‘offending’ zip file in a folder of it’s own, and then feeding that into the mincer

  8. Its all a wash again as uploading individual files isn’t working now. It worked perfectly a couple of times and now its crapping out. I’ll put a call into them again in a day or two and see if they can find a solution.

    The CS rep I got yesterday wasn’t a tech person, I don’t think. She said she helped Amazon with a number of their services, but from the sound of it she doesn’t have a real computer background.

    The call was a little weird in that from the beginning she was adamant I get the desktop app, which I assume they always push. I was happy to obliges since I’ll be using the site all the time I’m happy to have an app. She indicated she wasn’t sure the web site could handle larger files, even though their regulations say it can.

    She didn’t specifically say that it can’t do zip files and she actually did a little searching through her notes and found nothing, but she acted like she’d never heard of anyone zipping stuff as it is just easier to upload folders.

    This all seemed a little weird to me but using the desktop worked like a charm that first time via their folder system so I was happy. But now that its screwing up again I’ll have to get some more details from them.

    One thing it might be is my own Internet service. It can get wonky at times and I’m wondering if its not just dropping my connection periodically which is causing the Amazon service to die. I may try to rearrange my furniture again so that I can hook straight up to the router via cable instead of relying on wifi.

    But we’ll see what the next tech says first. I won’t be calling them tonight and I can’t promise the weekend either as I’ll be doing family stuff, but sometime soon I’ll see what they say.

    Or I’ll just pull my hair out and go back to Mediafire

  9. Hang on to your hair, i’d recommend a solid state connection for uploading. Really shouldn’t matter considering the disparity in speed between a relatively slow wifi network link and even the fastest broadband. However, I have always thought that ISPs wil do almost anything within their power to discourage and frustrate uploaders (well on this side of the pond anyway). Can’t believe it’s a timeout issue with Amazon as you are paid up and that is after all their business. Not so sure about ISPs though – i mean give ’em a pretext to cut or freeze a connection and they are all over it. So any intermittent data flow is likely to result in frustration. At least that is my experience, or am i just getting too cynical for my own good?

    1. I still haven’t had the chance to call them. I used to have a solid state connection then the wife decided to make some arrangements in furniture and I had to slip into wifi. I may see if I can move things around again and get connected. But yeah, it really shouldn’t matter, and it used to not.

      I’ll try to make the call tonight and see if they can help. Or maybe I’ll just turn this into a b+p site;)

  10. Mat,

    looking at things in the whole and from painful personal experience. It seems likely to me on the balance of symptoms that something has changed in either the coding or hardware infrastructure at Amazon. This is highly likely and very common in new services, and especially those with a likely appetite for rapid growth.

    These problems have a habit of just going away if you just wait a week or so. The fact that the helpdesk are unaware and not up to speed is nothing unexpected (AGAIN FROM PAINFUL PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AT THE ‘SHARP END). Clearly there are issues in the whole briefing and customer feedback systems at Amazon. This seems to be aptly demonstrated by your comment that the person with whom you were speaking was seemingly working for an outsourced contractor.

    How companies think that they can run services in this fashion is beyond my comprehension!!

    Good luck but don’t despair anyhow. Amazon is too major a player and too ambitious and resourced to not sort it out eventually.

    1. You are a fortune teller, Dave. I had planned on contacting Amazon tonight. Decided to give it one last go before I did. Decided to try it all zipped up again. Chose a smaller set, about 250 mb. Sent it to the desktop uploader and piddled around a bit. About five minutes later came to look at it and it said it was completed. Totally didn’t believe that, checked the website and it seems to be there. Did a few more and they all worked. Lightning fast too.

      I aint gonna dance too much because this may be a fluke, but I’ll allow myself a little joy from it any ways.

      I’ll post those shows tomorrow.

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