Van Morrison – Cardiff, Wales (06/21/09)

Van Morrison
Wales Millennium Centre
Cardiff, Wales, UK

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
Fair Play
Foreign Window
All In The Game>
You Know What They’re Writing About>
Rainbow ‘65>
Make it Real One More Time
Alan Watts Blues
The Mystery
Leaves Come Falling Down
In the Garden
Streets of Arklow
Philosophers Stone
Healing Has Begun
So Quiet In Here
Brown Eyed Girl
Mystic Eyes/Gloria

Both sources are likely from the same taper. They sound identical to my ears, but I haven’t given them a full listen. – Mat

Source 1:

Notes overlap at the end of disc and start of disc 2
enjoy Henry

Source 2:

No info provided. Folder says JTT.

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