Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Smiths – Peel Sessions 1983-1986

The Smiths
Peel Sessions 1983 – 1986
[Vinyl LP, Lossless Re-Rip]

Download: FLAC/MP3

Track List:-

01 – Is It Really So Strange?
02 – Rusholme Ruffians
03 – This Charming Man
04 – Reel Around The Fountain
05 – Back To The Old House
06 – How Soon Is Now?
07 – London
08 – What Difference Does It Make?
09 – Half A Person
10 – Still Ill
11 – William, It Was Really Nothing
12 – Handsome Devil
13 – Sweet And Tender Hooligan
14 – This Night Has Opened My Eyes
15 – Miserable Lie


Vinyl LP > Systemdek IIX Turntable > Systemdek Arm > Linn K9 Cartridge >
Audiolab 8000A Amp [Line Out] > PC > Audacity > Sony Soundforge [Click/Crackle Removal] > Fairstars Audio Converter [Wav To Flac Conversion [Level 8] > Smiths Torrent > You

Notes from the original uploader:

Right a year or so ago I ripped this originally via a lossy minidisc lineage.
Well here better late than never is a true lossless version.
It does sound better than via minidisc, so for those that want it here it is.
The only processing that has been done to this is click & crackle removal,
other than that it is untreated.
There is still some vinyl noise present, especially on tracks 1 – 8 (side A of LP),
did what I could to bring it to an exceptable level.

There are problems with this LP:

01. “How Soon Is Now” has John Peel talking at the end, I have left it as it is.
02. “Half A Person” has “issues” for the first 5 seconds this is partly the recording/transfer & the failings of Vinyl.
This is how it is i’m afraid with this version nothing I can do.
03. “Still Ill” cuts off abruptly @ 2:20, this is how it is on the LP,
no idea why other than to speculate they cut it to fit all the tracks on the LP?
If anyone knows why please tell!

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