Bob Dylan – Berlin, Germany (06/17/96)

Bob Dylan
Berlin, Germany Tempodrome

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have two sources for this show. The first is listed below, the second contains no information.

Taper: “Bach”
Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony DAT TCD-D7 > TASCAM DA-40 professional >
WaveTerminal > HD > WaveLab 6 > flac dBpowerAMP >md5summer.

01. [00:24] Introduction
02. [04:30] Drifter’s Escape
03. [05:54] Shake Sugaree
04. [06:22] All Along the Watchtower
05. [09:09] Positively 4th Street
06. [05:31] Watching The River Flow
07. [07:49] Silvio
08. [11:02] Tangled Up In Blue
09. [06:43] Love Minus Zero / No Limit
10. [07:45] Friend Of The Devil
11. [06:14] Seeing the Real You At Last

CD2 [44:02]
01. [10:31] Queen Jane Approximately
02. [09:35] Maggie’s Farm
03. [07:39] Alabama Getaway
04. [10:52] My Back Pages
05. [05:24] Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35


8 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Berlin, Germany (06/17/96)

  1. I should be able to upgrade this to lossless at some point. I’ll have to dig thru the archives to establish which is the more worthwhile upload, this one or the ‘Exclusive Series’ release. From memory they are both ex. I also cannot remember whether the ‘ES’ release is complete or solely sourced from Berlin. I think it may have been split over 2 vols.

  2. From memory the ES release is actually the better of the two, even though it is the KTS release which is normally associated with this date. The latter sounds a little more compressed and over-mastered.

    Still, I just d/loaded this and it’s a good listen.
    Thank you Mat 🙂

  3. Mat, All – Quick update on this one

    I have dug in the archives and found only the ES release in lossless format. Can’t recall whether I ever had ‘Soul’ in lossless, thought i had, but the mind can play tricks in this bootlegging game! All gets very confusing, I started by collecting just about every Dylan boot and concert date in mp3, then upgraded the majority to at least 256 or 320kb, in parallel over the years I have been d/ling ripping and trading for lossless, beginning with the classic and essential stuff and broadening from there. Sorry, don’t mean to ramble. Anyway I did some net research to sort out the dog’s breakfast sequencing of the ES releases 2 vols, 2 diff years (94,96), 2 gigs over 3 cds and not even in order! As a result discovered that this source is the clear winner 10 stars on Bob’s boots compared to (a bit mean) 7 stars for ES release.
    Read for yourself here

    So shalln’t be uploading for now, but rather putting out a request.

    Does anyone have this truly essential source in lossless to share?

    I willl happily share the other 94 gig (Kiel), but it is nothing truly special (7 stars), certainly in comparison to the Berlin 96 performance.

  4. You know i will happily share what I have. I also have others incl the Crystal Cats from the Christiania, Denmark shows. They’d probably me a more worthwhile upload. Would be so nice if some kind soul could come up with the ‘Soul’ in lossless for us all. It was definitely on my trading requests lists, I guess it just never arrived.

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