Madonna – Daly City, CA (04/23/85)

Daly City, CA
Cow Palace

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

01. Intro
02. Dress You Up
03. Holiday
04. Madonna PSA
05. Holiday (cont’d)
06. Into The Groove
07. Everybody
08. Angel
09. Gambler
10. Borderline
11. Lucky Star

From the original uploader:
Not a complete show, but truly unbelieveable sound. This was at the height of Madonna-Mania and judging from Madoona’s reaction, the crowd gets quite unruly. She tries to calm people down during Dress You Up and then actually stops Holiday to be more assertive … and then asks everyone to bark like a dog.

3 thoughts on “Madonna – Daly City, CA (04/23/85)

  1. OK. I have never told anyone. Nobody.

    I wouldn’t recognize a Madonna tune if you threw it at me, just never pulled a cassette/CD out of the dash long enough to listen to the radio I guess. I am going to try it. Don’t tell anybody…

    • I’m a child of the 80s so I dig me some Madonna. She’s got some great tunes and this is a show in her prime. I don’t know that I recommend hearing this before you’ve heard the studio stuff, but whatever floats your boat.

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