Jerry Garcia Band – San Francisco, CA (04/20/91)

Jerry Garcia Band
The Warfield
San Francisco, CA

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Source: AUD (FOB Schoeps CMC3/MK4) > DAT > CDR > WAV > SHNv3.
Taper: unknown
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 15083

Disc 1 – Set 1
01 Cats Under The Stars [10:20]
02 Twilight [07:22]
03 Dear Prudence [14:14]
04 I Shall Be Released [10:08]
05 Money Honey [06:08]
06 Rueben And Cherise [07:54]
07 Lets Spend the Night Together [11:19]
Total time: 67:28

Disc 2 – Set 2
01 Shining Star [09:32]
02 Waiting For A Miracle [07:09]
03 Struggling Man [08:19]
04 Let It Rock [08:08]
05 When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game [06:50]
06 That Lucky Old Sun [10:36]
07 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love [11:51]
Total time: 62:25

Comments from the original uploader: Dead space/crowd noise between several tracks edited out on the master discs. Overall, an above average audience recording with moderate crowd intrusiveness/clapping, but hey- it was the 4/20 show at the Warfield!!!

This show has performance number two of only four performances of “Twilight” – the first performance was the night before and it starts out a little rusty but quickly falls into laid back reggae-ish groove.

d1t02 – small pop at 04:15 – i tried to fix it but its embedded – cerebral filters will have to do. it may be a balloon pop.
d1t02 – questionable “lighter being flicked” by nearby Warfield patron @ 04:23, 04:27, 04:35 with subsequent cough @ 04:40.
d1t04 – small digital artifact @ 00:45.975 repaired with SF5 pencil.

Recording levels on the seed CDRs were quite low so a +2.0 dB volume gain was applied to the entire show using soundforge 5.0 prior to tracking.

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