Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders – Huntington Beach, CA (12/28/74)


Jerry Garcia and Merle Saunders
Golden Bear
Huntington Beach, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 24317

Source: MA > ? > C > DAT > WAV > SHN.
Taper unknown.

Disc 1 – Set 1
01 Think [10:02]
02 crowd [00:42]
03 Freedom Jazz Dance [11:22]
04 crowd [01:08]
05 Boogie On Reggae Woman [17:16]
06 crowd [00:10]
07 Are You Lonely For Me, Baby? (1) [14:05]
08 crowd [00:28]
09 Neighbor, Neighbor [09:30]
10 crowd [01:21]
11 Harder They Come (1) [17:23]
Total time: 83:29

Comments from thejerrysite.com:
“There was probably one more set or this might have been an Early / Late show combination. Show billed in the L.A. Free Press newspaper as “Jerry & Merle”. Guests (1) Maria Muldaur (vocals) , (1) Donna Jean Godchaux (vocals)

From listening to the show it was obvious the pitch was a tad slow. Using SBD MR recordings from this era as a reference (specifically Boogie On Reggae Woman and Harder They Come), the pitch was empirically determined to be 0.8 semitone flat which was corrected prior to tracking using Soundforge 6. Relatively hissy recording.

In order to facilitate not burning a 1 song second disc while maintaining the show in its entirity for those who are helping the audio and physical environment by directly listening digitally to the files and not burning a gazillion audio discs that will be basically trash in a less than a decade, I tracked the show so that odd #’d tracks are the actual songs while the even # tracks are the crowd/dead space between songs. If you want to avoid burning a single song (Harder They Come) second disc and don’t mind on missing out on all the crowd chatter, you can burn just the odd #’d tracks and it will fit on a 80 minute disc. If you want to soak up that hissy ’74 inbetween audience vibe directly off your pc, you are set too.

brought to you by the Jerry fiends at misSHN in the rain.

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