Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Band – Lennox, MA (09/26/76)


The Band
Music Inn
Lennox, MA

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 Intro
02 Ring Your Bell
03 Shape Iím In
04 The Weight
05 Makes No Difference
06 King Harvest
07 Ophelia
08 Stage Fright
09 Night They Drove Old Dixie Down-Across the Great Divide

10 Twilight
11 Up on Cripple Creek
12 Genetic Method
13 Chessfever
14 Life is a Carnival
15 Forbidden Fruit
16 Wheels on Fire
17 W S Walcott Medicine Show

SBD > ?
This is a hissy SBD, indicating a cassette gen or two in there somewhere.
The music, on the other hand, is perfect.
This is an awesome show, exactly 2 months before the Last Waltz.

4 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Band – Lennox, MA (09/26/76)

  1. I am very confused on the actual date and set list of this concert. Your zip file is dated September 26, 1976. The CD cover has the date July 18, 1976.   When I look up the set list for The Band at the Music Inn on July 18, 1976, the set list is entirely different than the mp3’s you have uploaded.   http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-band/1976/music-inn-lenox-ma-23dd482f.html Can you help me figure this out? I really do appreciate that you take the time to upload these concerts and I definitely download my share of the uploads. But there seems to be a problem with this one,   Thanks a bunch for all your work,   Stephen

    1. You should never pay attention to my artwork. I always include whatever artwork came with the bootleg as I got it, but at least half the time there is none. When that happens I just do a Google search trying to find something that halfway matches. In this case I searched for something like “the band, lennox, 1976” turns out they played two gigs in Lennox that year and so I got the artwork for the other show. I didn’t even notice the days didn’t match.

      So as far as I can tell the setlist info and actual dates on the files are correct, the artwork was not. I’ve put up different artwork to keep the confusion down.

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