Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pearl Jam -Maryland Heights, MO (07/02/98)


Pearl Jam
July 2, 1998
Riverport Amphitheater
Maryland Heights, MO

Download: FLAC/MP3

opening band: Murder City Devils

3-source matrix:
[SBD (mono) -> ALD -> SBM-1 -> D8 -> DAT(M) -> FLAC -> .wav] +
[Schoeps CCM4s -> Aerco -> SBM-1 -> D100 (20th row center) -> DAT(1) -> FLAC -> .wav] +
[AKG460b + ck8 (shotgun) -> EAA-PSP3 -> DTR-80P -> D7 (33rd row center) -> DAT(1) -> FLAC -> .wav -> dEQ]

DAT>FLAC transfers: DA20mkII -> Audiophile 2496 -> Soundforge -> FLAC frontend -> .flac

Transfers by: cps 01/15/05
Mix by: BLG 07/23/05
Artwork: Allen Robertson

01 Intro
02 Oceans
03 Hail Hail
04 Brain of J
05 Spin the Black Circle
06 Tremor Christ
07 Given to Fly
08 In Hiding
09 Corduroy
10 MFC
11 Wishlist
12 Nothingman
13 improv ->
14 Habit
15 Even Flow
16 Daughter/(Institutionalized)

01 Immortality
02 Black
03 Alive
04 encore break
05 Do the Evolution
06 Jeremy
07 I Got Shit
08 Better Man/(Save it For Later)
09 Fuckin’ Up
10 Yellow Ledbetter

This is one of six versions that have made for this show. This particular source is “F” listed below.
“A” = stereo matrix mix by dan@am-dig.com
“B” = DTS 5.1 audio version by dan@am-dig.com
“C” = 6-channel x 24/44 DVD audio version by dan@am-dig.com
“D” = 6-channel x 16/44 DVD audio version by dan@am-dig.com
“E” = DVD-A 24/44 matrix mix by dan@am-dig.com
“F” = stereo matrix mix by BLG

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons/TwoFeetThick):
Excellent show with the opening songs totally rocked out. Band looks really happy and playing great. ‘Oceans’ is a beautiful opener and ‘In Hiding’ is one of the finest versions played. ‘Nothingman’ is introduced as a song about a man who “not only couldn’t change the world … he couldn’t even take care of himself.” ‘Institutionalized’ is a Suicidal Tendencies cover (“I’m not crazy, you’re the one who’s crazy … institution.”) ‘Fuckin’ Up’ is a total surprise! Great crowd.

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