Bob Dylan – After the Empire

After The Empire
Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA
May-October 1985
Liberated Rattlesnake bootleg

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive


1. Baby Coming Back From The Dead
2. Nothing Here Worth Dying For
3. Won’t Go Back Till They Call Me Back Again
4. Let Me Come Baby
5. Bring It Home To Me
6. I’m Ready For Love
7. 26 Storeys High
8. You Can Have Her
9. My Sweet Baby (Round and Around)
10. Nothing Here Worth Dying For (II)
11. You Can Have Her (II)
12. Find Me
13. Nothing Here Worth Dying For (III)
14. Right Hand Road Blues
15. That’s All

Bob Dylan – vocal, guitar
Vito San Filippo – bass
Raymond Lee Pounds – drums
Carolyn Dennis, Madelyn Quebec, Elisecia Wright – backup vocals

3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – After the Empire

  1. Remember chatting with you about this interesting boot a while back. About time it got a higher profile blog post. Always interesting to hear what Bob was up to in the studio, especially during periods like the mid 80s when his profile was lower.

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