Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Belfast, Northern Ireland (08/31/15)


‘Live On Cyprus Avenue’
Eastside Arts Festival
August 31st 2015

Download: FLAC/MP3

Early Show

Celtic Swing
Close Enough for Jazz
Whatever Happened to PJ Proby *
Born To Sing**
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
Mystic of the East
Brown Eyed Girl+
Days Like This
Baby Please Don’t Go >
Parchman Farm >
Don’t Start Crying Now
Sometimes We Cry
Whenever God Shines His Light
Things I Used To Do
And The Healing Has Begun
In The Garden

* with PJ Proby
** with Chris Farlowe

Late Show

Celtic Swing*
Kingdom Hall (not included on any source)
Carrying A Torch (not included on any source)
Whatever Happened To PJ Proby (With PJ Proby) (not included on any source)
Cleaning Windows*+
Days Like This*+
Precious Time*+
Mystic Of The East (not included on any source)
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child*+
Sometimes We Cry(not included on any source)
Baby Please Don’t Go >*+
Parchman Farm >*++
Cry Cry Baby*+
Whenever God Shines His Light*+
It’s All In The Game+
Stand By Me (With Chris Farlowe)(not included on any source)
And The Healing Has Begun*
Help Me(not included on any source)
Burning Ground+
On Hynford Street*+

Source 1
(Early Show Only)
Lineage: Edirol R09-HR > CMC-8 Mics + battery box
CompactFlash card reader >
PC > WAV editing Soundforge 10
Cd wave > Traders Little Helper level 8

The crowd was enthusiastic at this show and there was more wind noise.
Still a very nice recording.

Taped by OldDucthmaster

Edited by Ridemyllama

Source 2
MP3 Only (Late Show, only the songs marked with an *):
SOURCE: BBC ONE NI > Soundforge PRO 10c (Internet Capture) > FLAC Level 8
Capture & Editing JTT

Source 3
(Early Show, only songs marked with a +, Late Show, only songs marked with a +):

SOURCE: Sony ST-S570ES Tuner > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8
Captured, Tracked & Edited by JTT

22 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Belfast, Northern Ireland (08/31/15)

  1. It’s definitely incomplete. I remember hearing it on the radio that day. Also, I don’t think “Don’t Start Crying Now” is from the evening show, but this setlist could be wrong:

    Van Morrison Setlist
    at Cyprus Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Celtic Swing
    Kingdom Hall
    Carrying a Torch
    Whatever Happened to PJ Proby?
    Cleaning Windows
    Days Like This
    Precious Time
    Mystic of the East
    Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
    Sometimes We Cry
    Baby, Please Don’t Go / Parchman Farm / Cry Cry Baby
    Whenever God Shines His Light
    It’s All in the Game
    Stand by Me
    And the Healing Has Begun
    Help Me
    On Hyndford Street

    1. Maybe it’s a rebroadcast/edited version? I remember hearing the BBC version live and I’m 90% it was the afternoon show because he played “Ballerina,” the only song from Astral Weeks he did at either show. Anyway…

  2. The BBC Broadcast was digital only and inherently lossy – the 320kb prob came from broadcast on sat or cable which is usually 320 rather than DVB which is usually 160kb.

    It would be really nice to track down the Radio Ulster broadcast in lossless. No torrent link at BigO unfortunately


  3. Here’s the story on this one. Van did 2 shows on his 70th birthday. The early show was streamed live and complete and widely circulated. This is the late show which was not streamed. Different setlist but many of the same songs. The BBC posted video of selected songs from the late show. This is where this set comes from. PJ Proby song (late show version) was added later when a video of showed up. I pasted that song in where it showed up on the set list. I sent it all to Matt when he made the call.

    Besides this, I’ve only seen the late show complete as AUD. Hope this helps.

    1. Aha! Thanks Bruce. I knew there was some explanation but couldn’t for the life of me remember who had sent me the show. So thanks for the show and now the explanation.

      1. You’re welcome. I’ve collected many other Van shows. It’s hard to tell what you have and what you need. But if you are looking for something let me know. If I have it I can get you the mp3 pretty quick. If I have it in FLAC then it might take some time to locate it.

  4. A whole lot of folks answered my call and so I’ve got a pretty large collection of Van now to sort through. Once I get a list made up of what all I have I’ll get back with you.

  5. The BBC broadcast was delayed and edited (setlist and sequence as here) it was shown on BBC Four (which is the cultural channel) on a Sunday night. This is a digital only channel, but as I said the audio for this channel on sat and cable is 320kb, i’m sure that is the source for this. Radio Ulster is a local/regional BBC radio station which broadcasts locally on FM, hence it should be possible to get a lossless FLAC of the broadcast. Until then the BigO links are working fine, so you can enjoy the full early show now, along with some additional info and artwork. if you hit the link i posted.

    The other link is the same one i posted back at the time and will give the complete setlist for the ‘late’ show and/or file for anyone interested.

    Since nobody has come back with a FLAC for this I will resort to my usual plan B, and put in a request to EDGE at T.U.B.E.


  6. OK, just pulled it down (FF is giving me 500kb as free user last few days??!!)
    Looks like it’s AUD again, it is however another by OldDucthmaster so should be EX, setlist is exactly as Radio Ulster broadcast, confirming that as truly complete.
    Sorry all I got was the link posted for me in shoutbox. Seems to be an EDGE upload back at the time, there is no corresponding post on T.U.BE. or G101 however.

  7. Word from EDGE – No Radio Ulster FLACs on DIME – BigO rips are 224kb (their standard qual), too much for webcast, must have been ripped from lossless WAV/FLAC capture at some point Either from FM (hopefully) or ‘lossless’ capture of LOSSY web stream/dig radio. Apparently recorded by a guy called Ronnie Carnwath in Belfast and upped by him (but where??).
    Anybody know if the early show video was ever shown or traded – recorded by BBC Ulster for broadcast later in the same year?

    BBC would have us believe that mp3 AAC @192 or higher equates to ‘better than FM’, They have 160kb as equiv to FM, yeah right! decent lossless FM wins every time for me.
    The BBC just wants to switch off their expensive FM transmitters. We ‘jazzers’ and the ‘classical crew’ are not going to take that cr*p from these jokers! Currently progressive music station R6 can’t get a FM slot as Radio 4 hogs it. They say the ‘old ‘uns’ can’t cope with the new digital tech. The real truth is if we get into a nuclear face off, the sub commanders are meant to stick an FM antenna up thru the waves and check to see whether R4 is still transmitting. If they can get ‘The Archers’ or ‘Desert Island Discs’ in FM stereo then we haven’t been nuked and the Empire is standing.

    That’s actually true folks, the very essence of public service broadcasting!
    Any further contributions (from anybody) welcomed

  8. Hi guys:

    I have a lossless for the BBC Radio 2 December 30th 2015 FM Stereo Broadcast. It incudes 2 tracks from the early set and 12 for the late one. If you’re interested on it I can send a copy to Mat.
    Thanks for posting Van Morrison. I really appreciated.

  9. BBC Radio 2 December 30th 2015 FM Stereo Broadcast track list:

    Captured, Tracked & Edited by JTT

    ‘Live On Cyprus Avenue’
    August 31st 2015 (Early & Late Shows Mix)

    Early Show (11:13 min)
    01. Moondance
    02. Brown eyed girl

    Late Show (48:34 min)
    03. Days like this
    04. Precious time
    05. Cleaning windows > Be bop a lula
    06. Motherless child
    07. Baby pleae don’t go >
    08. Parchman farm >
    09. Don’t start crying now
    10. Whenever God shines his light on me
    11. It’s all in the game > You know what they’re writing about >
    12. Burning ground
    13. Hyndfrod Street

    1. Thank you so much. I’m downloading now but these will probably just sit on my hard drive for awhile. I have a terrible habit of downloading stuff and then just filing it away until I can get to it. This will especially be true as I’m going to be digging through that massive hard drive I was sent last week for untold many days. But I appreciate you sending this to me and I will eventually unpack it and listen to to and love it.

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