Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Cleveland, OH (02/11/73)


Neil Young w/ The Stray Gators
Public Hall, Cleveland Convention Center
Cleveland, Ohio

Download: FLAC/MP3

Equipment : Sony Portable Cassette w/AKG D-1000-E DOW Mic
Location : 5th Row Center
Lineage : Master Cassette > wav > Sound Forge 7.0 > CDR
> EAC (100% on single tracks) > GoldWave (to cue tracks) > mkw Audio > shn
Source : Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joe Ray from the Kenai River, Alaska

CD1 [0:42:10]
01. On The Way Home
02. Here We Are In The Years
03. I Am A Child
04. Journey Through The Past
05. Out On The Weekend *
06. Harvest
07. Old Man
08. Heart Of Gold
09. The Loner ^

*) after this song Neil talks directly to the taper.. “We’re gonna get you.”
^) fades out at the end

show id: 16865

note from the taper:

This IS the “We Gonna Get You” master tape! As Joe Ray recalls it; “After Neil’s comment to get me (‘the guy with the microphone’), I held the microphone where it could not be seen until ‘The Loner’ (uncomplete), when I turned the deck off. I was sitting in the 5th row center and the roadies were looking for me from the side of the stage. The pressure was on me,…if I would have been caught I would have been arrested, etc.,… so, I just stopped taping. I put the expensive AKG D-1000-E microphone in my boot.
I lost the $40.00 Sony Portable Cassette Deck and the Microphone Cord by saved the microphone and the tape. I became much more stealthy when recording shows after this incident!”

5 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Cleveland, OH (02/11/73)

  1. In regards to MP3 there were no problems downloading and unzipping. Hats off to the taper…sweet recording!

  2. FLAC downloaded fine for me–Thanks Mat!

    This is a very good recording–too bad the taper was caught! But you know what, this seems to be the full acoustic portion and once Neil switched to playing electric (starting with The Loner) the tape becomes somewhat distorted, so probably the acoustic part would have been the best sounding part of this show–and that section is complete on this tape!

    So it seems he got the best part of the set in terms of the sound quality–maybe he was sitting too close up to record the electric stuff without his tape distorting (either way, he definitely was too close to the stage to avoid Neil’s detection! 😉

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