Jerry Garcia Band – San Rafael, CA (02/18/78)

Jerry Garcia Band
Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium
San Rafael, CA

Download FLAC: Google Drive

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 17750

MSC > ? > DAT > CD > Plexwriter PX-W4824A extraction (EAC
v0.9 beta 4) > tracking (CD Wave) > patching (SF Studio
6.0) > sector boundary verification (shntool v1.01) > .shn
encoding (mkwACT v0.97 beta 1). EAC > SHN by Joe Jupille
(jjoops AT attbi DOT com).

Disc One (6) 58:52
–Set I–
01. Crowd & Tuning [1:17]
02. How Sweet It Is [8:22] [2:57]
03. Catfish John [9:25] [2:31]
04. That’s What Love Will Make You Do [10:18] [1:52]
05. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [13:23] [0:16]
06. Mystery Train [8:14] [0:15]

Disc Two (6) 77:43
–Set II–
01. Crowd & Tuning [2:15]
02. Midnight Moonlight [11:40] [0:46]
03. Love In The Afternoon [11:56] [0:41]
04. Tore Up Over You [9:18] [2:55]
05. I’ll Take A Melody [14:44] [0:37]
06. Lonesome And A Long// Way From Home [21:#54] [0:55]

– There are at least three sources in circulation for this show, none of them quite complete. Eldon Porray’s excellent audience tape (usually said to be Nak 700s, but it’s too early for those mics) is all of set I and Midnight Moonlight from set II. The sbd has cuts in Knockin’ and Lonesome and is missing Love in the Afternoon and all but the last 20 second of Tore Up. Menke’s master is the most complete, with everything up to 17:30 of Lonesome, a few starts of songs clipped. I decided to put together this composite using the soundboard as the basic recording. I had hoped that the three sources could be combined to provide the whole show, but unfortunately the sbd and Menke’s master do
not overlap so as to cover the whole missing portion of Lonesome. Menke’s tape (I am not sure about the equipment he was using) supplies 9:38-9:49 of Knockin’, all of Tore Up and Love in the Afternoon, and 13:28-17:40 of Lonesome.
– d2t06 LAALWFH splice @ 17:40, unknown amount missing.

Thanks to David Minches for the source CDs!

One thought on “Jerry Garcia Band – San Rafael, CA (02/18/78)

  1. Thanks for the upgrade, a wonderful Jer era, he was pumped over Cats Album, Maria and Donna were good together and the band seemed upbeat to me.

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