Bob Marley – Pittsburgh, PA (09/23/80)

Bob Marley
Stanley Theatre
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
His Last Show!!

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Soundboard – Flac
Bootleg –> EAC Secure Mode –> Flac

This is Bob Marley’s last ever concert.

01. Natural Mystic 04:47
02. Positive Vibration 04:34
03. Burnin’ & Lootin’ 03:16
04. Them Belly Full (But Dem Hungry) 03:26
05. The Heathen 04:05
06. Running Away 02:41
07. Crazy Baldheads 04:42
08. War > 04:05
09. No More Trouble 01:38
10. Zimbabwe 03:20
11. Zion Train 03:33
12. No Woman No Cry 10:12
13. Jammin’ 04:31
14. Exodus 06:32
15. Redemption Song (removed) 03:54
16. Coming In From The Cold 03:27
17. Could You Be Loved 06:50
18. Is This Love? 03:41
ToTal 79:14

8 thoughts on “Bob Marley – Pittsburgh, PA (09/23/80)

  1. Every once in awhile I’ll put out a little poll asking whether or not I should just concentrate on site favorites like Dylan, Dead, Van, or should I continue to also post shows by a wide variety. Every time the response is overwhelmingly in support of variety. And yet it is always the main artists that get the majority of the downloads and comments. I guess I get that as even though everyone wants variety not everyone is going to like the individual artists that make up that variety.

    Anyways this week you get variety. I decided to go through my folder of shows I’ve not yet uploaded and do one show from basically every artists in there. Enjoy.

    • I always appreciate Wailers shows, even if the set lists don’t vary too much. Only had a few tracks from this historical show. Thanks. Looking forward to the spice.

  2. I confirm my vote for variety. Even though Boys II Men is not up my alley, Bob Marley definitely is. If not for your variety, I don’t know that I would have given The Decembrists a serious listen. So keep up the good work.

  3. Mat,

    This was always an essential and definitive boot. Nowadays it’s more than that, if you get my drift. The estate are quite hot on protecting the remaing and diminishing live archive legacy. Have to suggest you pull this one.

    You might want to read up on the recent archive releases if you want to post live Bob these days, as many of the prime candidates have been released (Boston 78, Rockpalast 80 etc). I can’t recommend them all. This one is done nicely, the Rockpalast however is a disgusting mess. Wrong source (presumably the broadcast source) and a revolting mastering effort from Ziggy, all noise and distortion from the first minute to last. I have two older bootleg pure SBD versions which both blow it away completely.

    • Yes, like DylanDave I don’t want to kill the Punky Reggae Party, but this one has been officially released in 2011 (Live Forever: September 23, 1980, Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA.).

      Hopefully DylanDave can provide the SBD versions he mentions 😉

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