Bob Dylan – Pittsburgh, PA (08/09/08)

Bob Dylan
Pittsburgh, PA
(Southside Works)
{New American Music Union Festival}

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source: AT943> SP-SPSB-6> Edirol R-09> wav
bit rate: 1411kbps
sample size: 16 bit
Channels: 2
sample rate: 44 kHz
format: PCM

Converted to FLAC with Trader’s Little Helper.


There’s noticeable crowd through a lot of the recording, though the music does overshadow it most of the time. I don’t think there’s too much up-front chatter. Any Dylan collector should find plenty of value in this, but perfectionists should probably skip it.

The sound quality likely changes slightly from time to time as I started out way back in the crowd, but gradually worked my way up as people filtered out early.

Free trade only. Never sell or profit from this recording in any way.

Bob Dylan – Pittsburgh, PA (10/22/90)

Bob Dylan
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Syria Mosque
22 October 1990

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01 – Marine Hymn (trad.)
02 – Tangled Up In Blue
03 – Positively 4th Street
04 – All Along The Watchtower
05 – Shelter From The Storm
06 – Masters Of War

07 – Song To Woody
08 – Ballad Of Hollis Brown
09 – To Ramona
10 – Mr. Tambourine Man

11 – Just Like A Woman
12 – Wiggle Wiggle
13 – T.V. Talkin’ Song
14 – Joey (Bob Dylan & Jacques Levy)
15 – In The Garden
16 – Like A Rolling Stone

17 – Blowin’ In The Wind
18 – Maggie’s Farm

Concert # 243 of The Never-Ending Tour.
Concert # 10 of the 1990 USA Fall Tour. 1990 concert # 73.
Second concert with third Never-Ending Tour band:
Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
John Staehely (guitar)
Cesar Diaz (guitar)
Tony Garnier (bass)
Christopher Parker (drums).

7-10, 17 acoustic with Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), John Staehely (guitar), Cesar Diaz (guitar),
Tony Garnier (bass), Christopher Parker (drums).
3, 5, 9, 11, 14, 16 Bob Dylan harmonica.
1 short instrumental.

Short raps before Ballad Of Hollis Brown and To Ramona.
Audience howls like coyotes during Ballad Of Hollis Brown!

13 new songs (72%) compared to previous concert. 3 new songs for this tour.

Stereo audience recording, 75 minutes.

LB-07746 ; 75min ; 1CDR ; Rating: C+

10/22/90 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

version “a”

  • Hard to say if this is a new source;
    fingerprints do not match, but that could be because of re-tracking;
    have no other source I could compare with *

Taper: unidentified
Lineage: received in a trade as SHN; now renamed song titles
UploaderRating: B (distant, although sound is “good”)

UploaderFrequencyAnalysis: full spectrum

bittorrent download 07/09; has tv band;
probably same recording as LB-5012 based on similar clapping wavs at end of t9 with
channels swapped and inverted;
in comparison this is harsher with more hiss and that sounds less natural like noise
reduction was used; this does not have all the flaws on that one;
(did not listen to all of this)

Grateful Dead – Pittsburgh, PA (12/01/79)

Grateful Dead
Stanley Theatre
Pittsburgh, PA

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Sick Bits Vol. 15

Source: Matrix:

SBD: (shnid=29429)
SBD -> Cassette Master (Sony TCD5M/UDXL-II) -> Dat (Panasonic SV3800/48k)
Transfer: Dat (Sony D8) -> M-Audio Dio2448 -> Samplitude Professional v8.0 ->
FLAC (via Charlie Miller)

AUD: (shnid=31330)
MAC (Taped by Scott Jones? Shure mics -> Sony TC-158 cassette deck)
Transfer: CDR > EAC > WavMerge > Soundforge > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC
(via Andrew F via Jake Feinberg)

SBD Patch:
There are a few short patches on tracks 2-4 of Disc 2 made from
SBD>Rm>Cass>Dat>CD (shnid=6022) and MSReel > Cassette > DAT > CDR (shnid=319)

All sources were flac or shn files downloaded from bt.etree or the LlaMA
and converted to WAV > Vegas 5 (matrix) > WAV > CD Wave > FLAC 16 (level 8)

Matrixed by Chris Chappell
12/01/05Set 1:
d1t01 – Crowd
d1t02 – Jack Straw ->
d1t03 – Sugaree
d1t04 – Me And My Uncle ->
d1t05 – Big River
d1t06 – Loser
d1t07 – Easy To Love You
d1t08 – New Minglewood Blues
d1t09 – Althea
d1t10 – The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
d2t01 – Crowd
d2t02 – China Cat Sunflower ->
d2t03 – I Know You Rider
d2t04 – Looks Like Rain
d2t05 – He’s Gone ->
d2t06 – Gloria Jam ->
d2t07 – C C Rider ->
d2t08 – Jam ->
d2t09 – Drums ->
d3t01 – Not Fade Away ->
d3t02 – Black Peter ->
d3t03 – Sugar Magnolia
d3t04 – One More Saturday Night

Killer Philler:
Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall
Kansas City, KS
12-11-79 II (pt)
d3t05 – Terrapin Station ->
d3t06 – Lost Sailor
d3t07 – Saint of Circumstance ->
d3t08 – Jam ->…

Source: Matrix:

SBD (shnid=28890 – via Charlie Miller)
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Cassette -> Dat (44.1k)
Transfer: Dat (Sony R500) -> Behringer UltraMatch SRC2000 ->
SEK’D Prodif plus -> Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> FLAC

AUD: (shnid=9799 – via Don Chase via Jack Warner)
Transfer: by David Minches from Bob Wagner’s 1st gen reels.
MAC>R>D>CD (Recorded with Nak CM-700s-> Sony TC-D5 – taper unknown)

Total Times:
Disc 1 [78:02]
Disc 2 [72:26]
Disc 3 [70:49]

General Notes:

When the AUD source surfaced on bt.etree, I contacted Am-Dig to see about
putting the coloborative effort into editing a matrix of this incredible
show in Pittsburgh, PA. So a 5.1 and matrix will be available.

The FOB AUD is an excellent recording for ’79 and the SBD is balanced with
everyone in the mix. There is some slight phase mostly noticeable in the
first set, and it would appear the SBD source is slightly different for
the second set. Pitch-wise it appears the first set is a little slow whereas
the second set SBD is in pitch. The AUD is definately picking up the main
PA (as opposed to a “mouth” recording which is up close and catching the
stage/monitor mix) so the result is added ambience to an otherwise sterile
SBD. Luckily Charlie Miller’s redux of the SBD source recently helped alot
since there is much less hiss in this new SBD source.

This show is simply jammin’, featuring the first listed Gloria Jam
(11-9-79 is probably the first; 10-16-81 first time with vocals) and the
breakout of an emotional C.C. Rider. I also have never heard any other
version of Looks Like Rain with a “stormy” intro. The first set is tight
and energetic, a sign of things to come in a highly creative second set.

Since disc 3 was going to be short, I decided to make an excerpt matrix of
a show 10 days later that features a start from nothing Saint O. The
groovy Saint intro is very unique and well worth multiple listens.

12-1-79 Reviews from

  • “This is one of the classic shows from the 70’s and just an incredible jam
    all the way through. This one is a must for any collector.”
  • “I can only wonder how stoked the boys were to have Brent as the new guy…
    Gloria Jam smokes and that next “jam” is a completely different work of art.”
  • “This show stands out in the early Brent era as one of the best.
    He’s Gone>Gloria>CC Rider jam is about as exploratory as the band ever got
    in the post ’76 era. In fact, it is eerily ?reminiscent of the kinds of
    things the band was doing in ’73-74. The China>Rider, Rain to open the
    second set are dead on versions too.”

12-11-79 Reviews from

  • “That complete stop between Sailor > Saint and the sweet Saint beginning
    is one of the coolest moments I have ever heard from The Guyz. It is
    definitely a five star attraction. I played it over and over and over the
    other night because it was sooo unusual.”
  • “Just for the pause (complete stop) between Lost Sailor and the EXTREMELY
    juicy sweet beginning of St. of Circumstance – It is a must! I love this
    era of The Grateful Dead. Thick, mellow, alive and jazzy.”

Pink Floyd – Pittsburgh, PA (06/20/75)

Band: Pink Floyd
RoIO: Rivers of Steel
Date: 1975-06-20
Venue: Three Rivers Stadium
Place: Pittsburgh, PA

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Tracks: 4+
Total Length: 35:42

Disc 1

  1. Raving And Drooling (11:07)
  2. You’ve Got To be Crazy (13:48)
  3. Breathe (05:46)
  4. On The Run (03:55)
  5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond cut

Total Time: 35:42

Pink Floyd: Rivers Of Steel (MCD021)

Low Gen > Wav > SHN -> Wav -> Cool Edit Pro 2.0 -> Flac Front End (level 5) -> Flac

This is an upgrade of the original Pittsburgh 1975 recording that sounded awful.

Speed Corrected, Hiss Removed, Equalized, Level Balanced, Amplified

I did this because I was bored. The sounds is much better than the original. Enjoy!

  • Marooned

Digitally Remastered by Marooned on 2005-06-21
Cover Art by Marooned on 2005-06-21

Seeded on Echoes Of Time –

Miles Davis – Pittsburgh, PA (08/29/86)

Miles Davis Band
Unknown Venue
Pittsburgh, PA
August 29th 1986

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SBD *GREAT sound w/ just a little hiss. Some sloppy tracking(not by me)!

Miles Davis (tp, org)
Bob Berg (ss, ts)
Robben Ford (g)
Robert Irving III,
Adam Holzman (synth)
Felton Crews (el-b)
Vincent Wilburn, Jr. (d)
Steve Thornton (perc)

CD 1:
01 One Phone Call/Street Scenes
02 Speak
03 New Blues (Star People)
04 Perfect Way
05 Human Nature
06 Wrinkle
07 Tutu

CD 2:
01 Splatch
02 Time After Time
03 Tomaas
04 Carnival Time
05 Don’t Lose Your Mind
06 Burn

This is my favorite post-retirement line up which I’m sure is because Robben Ford is on guitar. I don’t think I have seen this posted in at least a few years so I thought I would upload it. BTW- I’m looking for an upgrade to my copy of the New Orleans 86′ SBD if anybody can help me. Thanks in advance.



Bob Dylan – Pittsburgh, PA (05/16/80)

Bob Dylan
Stanley Theatre
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

2 40min +62min

My Tape > CDR > Eac. This is probably the same source recording as LosslessBob LB-560, although this one is unlikely to be from ‘master’.


1 Gotta Serve Somebody
2 I Believe In You
3 When You Gonna Wake Up
4 Ain’t Gonna, Go To Hell
5 Cover Down, Break Through
6 Precious Angel
7 Man Gave Names To, All The Animals


1 Slow Train
2 Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others)
3 Solid Rock
4 Saving Grace
5 Saved
6 What Can I Do For You?
7 Lay Lady Lay(short instrumental)
8 In The Garden
9 Are You Ready?
10 Pressing On

The Band – Pittsburgh, PA (12/20/86)

The Band
Pittsburgh, PA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source: Unknown soundboard (2nd gen cassette)
Lineage: Nakamichi Nakamichi MR-1 > Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6MHz > AudioGate > wav 24/96 >
Wavelab 6 with iZotope Ozone 4.03b > iZotope RX 2 Advanced > CD Wave > TLH > Flac 24

Add. Lineage on this version : > R8brain decoding to .WAV16 > changing .flac titles to reflect this > TLH > .FLAC16 (cut on sector bountaries) > new checksums

01 //I’m Stepping Up In Class *
02 W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
03 It Makes No Difference
04 Caldonia
05 Mystery Train
06 banter/tuning
07 The Battle Is Over
08 Genetic Method >
09 Chest Fever
10 Stage Fright
11 Kansas City
12 Kingfish
13 Java Blues
14 Up On Cripple Creek
15 I Ain’t Got No Home
16 Rivers Of Babylon (accapella)


  • The first 2 minutes or so are missing
  • There is noticeably more hiss on side II of the tape (which starts from around 10 seconds into “Stage Fright”)
    this maybe from a higher gen.

Thanks to anon for getting this to me.

edited and mastered
July 2011

There has been several requests for a FLAC16 version of this show. I hope I am not a sinner by offering this up. I merely wanted to make sure it could be accessed by more people. All thanks, credit, and praise goes to Sir Mick, and his anon. source! This is merely my transfer of it into the .flac16 realm. So, that additional lineage is listed above.


Bob Dylan – Pittsburgh, PA (11/05/99)

Bob Dylan
Pittsburgh, PA
Civic Center

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Torrent file bd1999-11-05 LB-2445.torrent
(will be personalized for you upon download)
Downloads as bd1999-11-05 LB-2445
Info hash defc1a0bbb1de53718f9d9bc2c95119a0580903c

Excellent Audience

Schoeps Mics


Disc 1

Roving Gambler
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Desolation Row
Cocaine Blues
Tangled up in Blue
Just Like Tom Thumb Blues
Shelter From The Storm

Disc 2
Tombstone Blues
Blind Willie McTell
You Ain’t Goin Nowhere
Highway 61 Revisited

Love Sick
Cat’s in The Well
Don’t Think Twice, it’s Allright
Not Fade Away

I went back over to my friend Pete’s today and grabbed some more
of his Masters. His friend Jeff taped this show with the Schoeps.


Grateful Dead – Pittsburgh, PA (07/06/87)

Grateful Dead
7/06/87 – Monday
Pittsburgh Civic Arena
Pittsburgh, PA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have five sources for this show. You can read the text files here.

Set I

  1. Tuning
  2. Feel Like A Stranger >
  3. Franklin’s Tower
  4. New Minglewood Blues
  5. Row Jimmy
  6. Mama Tried >
  7. Big River
  8. Far From Me
  9. Stagger Lee >
  10. Desolation Row >
  11. Don’t Ease Me In

Set II

  1. Tuning
  2. Shakedown Street >
  3. Samson And Delilah
  4. Iko Iko* >
  5. Banana Boat Song (Day-O)* >
  6. Man Smart (Woman Smarter)* >
  7. Drums >
  8. Space >
  9. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door* >
  10. Good Lovin’*

  11. Johnny B. Goode*

*w/ The Neville Brothers

Neil Young – Pittsburgh, PA (02/17/91)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Civic Arena
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Track 01 – Star-Spangled Banner
Track 02 – Hey Hey, My My
Track 03 – Crime In The City
Track 04 – Blowin’ In The Wind
Track 05 – Love To Burn
Track 06 – Cinnamon Girl
Track 07 – Mansion On The Hill
Track 08 – Fuckin’ Up
Track 09 – Cortez The Killer
Track 10 – Powderfinger
Track 11 – Love And Only Love
Track 12 – Rockin’ In The Free World
Track 13 – Welfare Mothers
Track 14 – Tonight’s The Night
Track 15 – Farmer John

1st gen vg+ to ex- aud

TDK SA 90 high bias 1st gen cassette tapes >
JVC TD-W505 Stereo Double Cassette Deck >
Aiwa XC-RW700 CD/CD recorder (tracked songs here) >
Memorex Cool Colors Music CD-Rs, 80 min.>
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (transferred wav files onto HD here) >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (edited and retracked wav files here) >
Trader’s Little Helper
(encoded wav to flac, level 8, aligned on sector boundaries)

CD 1: 8 tracks, 48:52
CD 2: 7 tracks, 54:05
TT: 102:57
This is the complete show.
8.5-9/10 vg+ to ex- 1st gen aud, as always IMHO.

Here is a belated Christmas present for all those at Dime
who are Neil Young fans; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Since I wasn’t at this show and therefore obviously did
NOT record it, this will be fairly short & sweet. I got
this tape in a trade about 17 years ago from somebody
close to the taper. This fine gentleman gave me the
following information about this recording:

The tape is an analog recording made on an inexpensive but
good-quality analog cassette recorder, mic and model unknown.
It was taped very close to the stage. There is very little
audience chatter but some crowd noise but at the music volume
this is not an issue. Surprisingly there is no distortion.
There are no problems with the tape. The taper seems to have
edited out most of the on-stage banter between songs if there
was any ; I’ve seen Neil several times and he’s not exactly a
chatterbox like Ian Anderson who should probably shut the hell
up and play more music (just my opinion, don’t get mad !). IMHO,
this is a vg plus to excellent minus recording leaning closer to ex-.
This one rivals the SQ of my last upload (NY & CH, Milwaukee, WI 1/24/1991)
but is not quite as good. I’ve been told that NY & CH shows from 1991
are fairly rare and good ones are really rare so if I were you,
I’D PICK THIS UP !!! I upped this for all the great people at Dime
who have enlarged my collection to the point of idiocy. If you like
Neil, you NEED this show. I’ll post a sample for those who need one
but believe me when I tell you, this show is worth having.
The usual: no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed as long as you
can. This will make a lot of people happy so Mr Natural sez
“Enjoy this while you can !!!” Have fun, don’t freak out and
savor the concert. Smoke ’em if you got ’em and give Uncle Neil
some again, just like last time……….