Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Palo Alto, CA (11/03/78)

Jerry garcia band 1979

Jerry Garcia Band
Keystone Palo Alto
Palo Alto, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 10032
MAC > R > CDx2 > EAC > SHN (I & IIp) +
MSC > 2C > CD > EAC > SHN (end of set II).

The aud tape, recorded by Mike Riley with unknown gear, supplies set I and the first two songs of set II. The taper was busted after Gomorrah. For that material, Michael Parrish’s first gen reels were transferred directly to CD, w/ no DAT stage. A nice soundboard, apparently (per Kevin Tobin) from a cassette master and
with two subsquent cassette gens, supplies the end ofset II. Shntool confirms proper sector boundaries for all tracks.

Disc One (5) 50:00
–Set I–
1. //Harder They Come [12:16#]
2. //Mission in the Rain [9:47#]
3. //Simple Twist of Fate [10:33#] [0:02]
4. Tore Up Over You [7:34] [0:04]
5. //Love in the Afternoon [9:42#]

Disc Two (6) 49:42
–Set II–
1. So What? [17:20] [0:04]
2. That’s All Right, Mama [5:53] [0:04]
3. Gomorrah [6:16] [0:01]
4. I’ll Be With Thee [5:22]
5. Rhapsody in Red [8:25]
6. Reuben & Cherise [6:09] [0:05]

d1t01 Harder They Come cuts in (- ca. 10 seconds)
d1t02 Mission in the Rain cuts in at first lyrics (- ca. 15 seconds?)
d1t03 Simple Twist of Fate cuts in (- ??)
d1t05 Love in the Afternoon first few notes clipped
d2t06 Reuben & Cherise light pop @ 1:35

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