Van Morrison – Songs For the Heart/Songs For the Soul

van Morrison
Songs for the Heart/Songs for the Soul
by Alan E.

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Songs for the Heart

01. Sweet Thing
02. Crazy love
03. Have I told you Lately
04. The wau young Lovers do
05. Warm Feeling
06. Steal my heart away
07. All in the Game
08. Listen to the Lion
09. In the Afternoon
10. Angeliou
11. Tupelo Honey
12. Warm Love

Songs for the Soul

01. So quiet in here
02. Haunts of Ancient Peace
03. Spirit
04. Joyous Sound
05. Into the Mystic
06. And it stoned me
07. Foreign Window
08. The healing has begon
09. In the Garden
10. Tir Na Nog
11. Summertime in England
12. Rave on/Did ye get healed

From the Original Uploader:
As we had a nice BBQ last Friday, with a glass (or two) of beer and wine, we listened to this very good compilation,
which has never left our car after getting it. So better make an extra copy! 😉
This compilation is made by Alan E.
See the artwork on John Donne to read his story: The songs on these discs are the songs that ëlift me right upí.
We donít know from which shows these tracks are, would be great if anyone can help with that.

B. en G.

From Mat: This is a really nice compilation, unfortunately, the original uploader didn’t include any source info at all. If anyone can figure out where these songs come from please let me know. And of course, if any of this is officially released please let me know that too.

5 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Songs For the Heart/Songs For the Soul

  1. Thanks for trying matt. It won’t do it for me with WinZip – invalid folder name. No worries I have the It’s Never Too Late to listen to…….thanks….simon

  2. this is a superb compilation. someone has chosen van’s most excellent songs and absolute awesome live version of each one. it starts with the best sweet thing i have ever heard and it maintains that high standard for the entire collection. thanks so much for sharing this!

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