Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Cleveland, OH (05/08/72)

joni mitchell
Joni Mitchell
Cleveland Arena
Cleveland, OH

Download: FLAC/MP3

This Flight Tonight
Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire
Big Yellow Taxi
For Free*
All I Want
A Case of You
Both Sides Now

*Listed on Etree but not included in this set.

Fundraiser for Senator George McGovern’s presidential campaign. Other performers included Paul Simon and James Taylor.

Sent to me as WAV files from Mauro. Taken from his tape collection. WAV files was split into separate tracks and converted to FLAC by Dave R.

Thanks to both Mauro and Dave R. for the help.

Decent sounding audience recording.I have no other source/lineage info.

8 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Cleveland, OH (05/08/72)

  1. Thanks for sharing!

    There is a boot cover in circulation with “May 8, 1972”
    but the actual date of the performance was April 28th.

    Did I say “Thanks”? Oh yes, just saw I did…
    can never thank you often enough though 😉

    Keep on keepin’ on Mat!


    1. Do you have a source for that April date? Not that I don’t believe you I just like to have a source before I make changes to a boot. Etree is listing the May date but they are sometimes wrong.

  2. thought i posted this yesterday – anyhow great team effort, thanks to all. Seems others are just as enthusiastic as me about getting more precious Joni into circulation. The world surely needs it more than ever

    1. You are in for a treat because Mauro keeps sending me more and more Joni shows. Once I get them tracked and converted we will have a Joni feast. Speaking of which did you get the Joni WAV files I e-mailed you Dave?

  3. Yep, thanks, you’re still ‘spamming’ but it’s there ok.
    All good news, only blip is that my newish (s-hand) custom build pc I’ve cobbled together this week will not accept my venerable but v capable soundcard. This may cause problems when i try to re-install my old version of soundforge (which is my usual and familiar tool for splitting and editing). Only thinking out loud at this stage, still bashing my way thru endless configuration choices and issues. I’ll try a test install in the next few days. PC has an onboard Realtek HD chip I’m having to suffer for now. It does at least seem happy with the ASIO4ALL low latency drivers I prattled on about in my prev GD 24 bit rant. Suffice to say my need for an uptodate 24-192 capable audiophile usb dac has become more pressing and acute. Unfortunately budget will not allow for few weeks at least. If I can find a more current s-hand ver of the s-card i have then that will do for an interim fix. Such a drag, everything else has come together nicely and cheaply. Card even seems to be installed and functioning, but there is no sound from line or headphone jack. Ran out of alt drivers to try so had to take it out for now
    I’ve identified the beast I need, now to find the funds!

  4. ps would be extra nice to think there might be some ’74 Joni arriving at some stage. In any case it’s all very good news

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