Brent Mydland – Unreleased Solo Album

Brent Mydland
Solo Album (Unreleased)
Possibly recorded in 1982

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source: Studio Mixes > MC (Betty’s) > DAT > Mastering (Custom Analog & Digital 05-10 ) > WAV
Lineage: WAV > FLAC [7]
Recording Engineer: Betty Cantor
Original Cassette Master > DAT Transfer: Jim Blackwood
Mastering: Jim Blackwood
Mastering assistance: Jamie Waddell
sonically restored/mastered – June 12, 2010

01 Inlay It In Your Heart
02 Tons Of Steel
03 Dreams
04 Maybe You Know
05 Nobody’s
06 See The Other Side
07 Long Way To Go
08 Take One

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