Norah Jones – Zurich, Switzerland (06/12/04)

Norah Jones
2004-06-12 (12th June 2004)
Zurich, Switzerland

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source: Swiss analog FM broadcast (SR DRS 3)
Equipment: Technics Tuner ST Z55L
Transfer: Creative Sound Blaster Extigy > Exact Audio Copy > Trader’s Little Helper
Generation: WAV (16bit/44.1kHz) > FLAC (Level 8)

Some notes:
– Live broadcast, complete
– Normalized


Disc 1
01. Turn Me On
02. Nightingale
03. Those Sweet Words
04. What Am I To You
05. Something Is Calling You
06. Stay With Me [Keith Richards]
07. In The Morning
08. Carnival Town
09. Don’t Miss You At All
10. Painter Song
11. The Long Way Home
12. Don’t Know Why
13. Creepin’ In
14. Above Ground
15. Sunrise
16. I’ve Got To See You Again
17. Come Away With Me
18. What Would I Do [Ray Charles]

Disc 2
19. intro
20. Seven Years
21. Life Is A Carnival

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