Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (10/30/82)

Van Morrison
Gaiety Theatre
Dublin, Ireland
October 30, 1982

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Disc 1
01-Grandpa Loves You Anyways(BT)
02-Go To The High Place In Your Mind(JA)
03-Into The Mystic
04-Dweller On The Threshold
05-It’s All In The Game
06-She Gives Me Religion
07-Vanlose Stairway
08-Cleaning Windows

Disc 2
01-Bright Side Of The Road
02-Haunts Of Ancient Peace
03-Full Force Gale
04-Beautiful Vision
05-Help Me
07-Northern Muse-Solid Ground
08-Summertime In England
09-Aryan Mist

Lineup: John Allair(JA) – organ, Tom Donlinger – drums, Pee Wee Ellis – saxophones,
David Hayes – bass, Mark Isham – trumpet, Pauline Lozano – backing vocals,
Chris Michie – guitar, Annie Stocking – backing vocals,
Bianca Thornton(BT) – backing vocals, Peter Van Hooke – drums


Ratings are based on
Audience-setlist-venue-backup band-taping job and
finally Van’s mood in increasing order of importance

Audience taping
Many thanks to the taper-who does not want to be identified

Reworked from a first generation analog tape
Artwork included-thanks to HB

16 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Dublin, Ireland (10/30/82)

  1. Sounds good, always happy to help if i can. If we are serious we should first pin down the dates for his periods and guest apppearances in the band I guess.
    If we get that far I guess we could each come up with a list of favs/suggestions for the tracklist.
    Starter – his solo on the Berkeley ’85 FM ‘Dweller on the Threshold’, pure post bop heaven! Mr Isham’s trumpet solo on the official ‘Opera House’ live album ‘She Gives Me Religion’ will probably always be the abs definitive best instrumental contribution to a Van performance, but this one is a close second!

    • Its just in the thought stage right now. It sounds fun and I like that period of Van. First step would be to map out which shows have Pee Wee on them, then we’ll try to actually find those shows. The fun part will be listening and making lists of which shows are good and which songs on those shows should make the list.

      I’ve got a million other projects going so this one has been back burned for awhile. Spends some time thinking about it though, and listening.

  2. Yep, no rush at all. Also, lots of different approaches would be possible, as with all these things. i.e. ‘definitive’ one of everything, all source types, or just a real sweet sounding ‘Best Of’ from the SBD/FM/Broadcast sources, plenty of them to pick from.
    I’m definitely with you on the listening bit,, gonna start with this one in the next few days. Might calm me down a bit after days of battling with eBay customer service and revolting delivery companies who steal or lose your boots, and then try to cover it up in an incompetent fashion. I like shops. Shops can’t try to hide behind bots, ‘donotreply’ email accounts and the like!
    Bring on that sweet saxophone!

  3. Sweet idea. I’m happy to help if needed. Hope you can find these two tracks (only a tape copy in my collection):
    1980 Mar25 San Francisco, Warfield Theater
    FM Broadcast on KMEL; Bammies – Bay Area Music Awards
    Into The Mystic; Satisfied

  4. Thanks for that idea MZ. I’ll look to see if I have that show. Anyone have any idea on a way to determine which shows include Pee Wee? I know he was Van’s musical director or whatever for awhile but I don’t know which shows he officially played on and so many of the boots don’t include a full lineup list.

  5. There’s a Facebook group called Van’s musicians. It has over 200 musicians listed.


    Pee Wee Ellis is an American jazz saxophonist from Florida, living now in Somerset, England. He has played with the likes of James Brown, Maceo Parker and Sonny Rollins.
    His contribution to Van’s band from 1979 – 2006 was stellar, particularly to the ‚Common One‘ album in 1980. His sax play on ‚Summertime in England‘ is – IMHO – one of the finest music moments ever. The attached video shows his live performance of this song in Montreux 1980. Other musicians to be seen on this video are John Allair on keyboards, John Platania on guitar, David Hayes on bass, Jeffrey Labes on piano, Mark Isham on trumpet and Dahaud Shaar on drums.

    Other gems he contributed to are ‚Haunts Of Ancient Peace‘ and ‚Wild Honey‘ (also on ‚Common One‘) and ‚Rough God Goes Riding‘ (1997 album ‚The Healing Game‘).

  6. Excellent work. Love the Montreux, bought the DVD years back, did my own extraction of the fab lossless LPCM (listen and learn world!) to play in the car. Don’t think we could use it though. Actually picking the very best ‘Summertime In England’ could be the biggest ‘challenge’ of all. The jazz empathy with Van and the timing of Pee Wee meant this track was always extra special when he was in the band

  7. ps – quick apology Mat. Whilst pursuing the deviants at eBay I had cause to check my SPAM folder. Again I found unread messages from you. I can’t seem to find any option in my mail settings to avoid this. I will try harder to remember to check periodically. If i don’t respond anytime please don’t interpret it as anything other than my continuing failure to organise my thoughts (and life) and don’t be shy about ‘calling me out’ in the comments here.
    Hope you had a good Birthday
    Here’s to a good weekend, and hopefully a bit of spring!

  8. Ridiculous I know, just started happening out of the blue one day. I mean you’ve obviously been in my contacts for ages now. Keep looking for a ‘This is not SPAM’ button or whatever but no joy at all. Since I”m with the ultimate privacy advocates and your emailing from Google they’ve probably just assigned you enemy status!

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