Neil Young – Washington, D.C. (01/28/73)

Neil Young & the Stray Gators
Kennedy Centre
Washington DC

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

contrast clause of sorts
this show has appeared on Dime before but was banned as the transfer was lossy
this is a new lossless transfer from the same source tape

On The Way Home
Here We Are In The Years false start
Here We Are In The Years
After The Gold Rush
Out On The Weekend
Old Man
Heart Of Gold
The Loner
Time Fades Away
Lookout Joe
New Mama
Don’t Be Denied
Cinnamon Girl
Southern Man
Are You Ready For The Country?

Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jack Nitzsche – keyboards
Tim Drummond – bass
Kenny Buttrey – drums

information from GOTR and/or Sugar Mountain – thanks to PL and TH

source: Unknown (but low) generation Maxell C90s > AIWA AD-F810 > Creative SB1260 > Audacity > wav file >
edited w Nero > flac > Dime

a little work was done on balancing channels and a slight noise reduction applied to
minimise the more obvious tape hiss but no further EQ

This tape was acquired from a Non-Neil collector based in Chicago. He insisted on passing it to me
personally, along with a couple of other shows, and as a result came to my house when he was
visiting London in Summer 1973. Despite my requests that he use a better quality tape the show came on basic Maxell tape in label-less cassettes – the like of which I have never seen since. And I had to pay for the cost of the tapes as well as I had nothing he wanted in exchange. All very odd. But odder still is the fact that in the intervening 39 years I have never come across the master or even a better quality source tape. All copies in circulation come from dubs of this cassette and the previous Dime upload was from a lossy transfer. I have labelled this as low generation – it is possibly first but I have no evidence to support that. The quality of the recording is average only.

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