Bob Dylan & Tom Petty – Clinging to Strange Promises

Bob Dylan & The Heartbreakers
From the “Temple in Flames” 1987 Tour
Remastered Recordings

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

1. Gotta Serve Somebody (10/17/87)
2. Shot of Love (09/25/87)
3. Man Gave Name To All the Animals (10/07/87)
4. All Along the Watchtower (09/05/87)
5. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) (09/15/87)
6. Highway 61 Revisited (09/12/87)
7. John Brown (09/13/87)
8. Dead Man Dead Man (10/12/87)
9. To Ramona (10/16/87)
10. I and I (09/13/87)
11. Forever Young (10/11/87)
12. Queen Jane Approximately (09/19/87)
13. Tangled Up In Blue (09/30/87)
14. House of the Rising Sun (10/07/87)
15. The Wicked Messenger (10/17/87)
16. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (09/26/87)

6 thoughts on “Bob Dylan & Tom Petty – Clinging to Strange Promises

  1. Thanks alot for adding me and thanks a lot for this post!

    Also want to add that Amazon drive is working very well and is very fast!

  2. Paul Williams’ 3rd book on Bob Dylan Performing Artist: 1986-90 Mind Out of Time has an enjoyable set of reviews of the tour. He writes quite a bit about how Jerry Garcia helped him to see the meaning of his songs and, by example, the joy of creating live music for an audience, to be a confident band leader singing with conviction. Paul writes that Dylan was inspired by his time with the GD jn connecting with band members and the audience, not so much from the actual shows they played together.

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