Jimi Hendrix: Shows By Date

1966-1967 – European Broadcasts
1967.06.18 – Monterey, CA
1967.09.05 – Stockholm, Sweden
1968.03.07 – New York, NY – w/Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter, Buddy Miles
1968.03.17 – New York, NY
1968.04.15 – New York, NY – w/BB King
1968.05.10 – New York, NY
1968.10.10-12 – San Francisco, CA – Complete Winterland Reels
1969.02.24 – London, England
1970.07.30 – Maui, HI

One thought on “Jimi Hendrix: Shows By Date

  1. Yes! Oh yes! The Morrison’s Lament, one of the most sensitive love songs of all time. Oh Jim, you was such a talented poet…..Anal sex is the most pure expression of love. This is Awesome! I never knew what show that was from. Thanks, Mat!

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