Pink Floyd – Recurring Nightmare

Pink Floyd

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1.) Soundtrack from the Movie Moreî, released 1969 4:50
2.) Amsterdam, Netherlands 9-17-89 (soundboard version) 12:49
3.) Fillmore West, April 29,1970 (soundboard version) 9:48
4.) Intro to track five 026
5.) Pepperland, San Rafael, California 10-17-70 1013
6.) Ending to track five 0:18
7.) Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark 9-25-71 6:34
8.) Falkoner Teatret, continued 5:18
9.) Golden Hall, San Diego. California 10-17-71 11:55
10.) Taft Auditorium, Clnnclnati, Ohio 11-20-71 12:04

Compiled, edited
and re-released
by Man of
Leisure Music
February, 2002

3 thoughts on “Pink Floyd – Recurring Nightmare

  1. Hi Matt. Loving the variety of shows. Having trouble with this one though. It says it’s SHN files. I am used to converting shn to wav but have tried 2 different softwares but neither will recognise the shn files. Any ideas?

    • I decided it would be faster and easier for me to just convert my original SHN files to FLAC and upload them rather than downloading the SHN and trying to figure out what the problem was. So there is a new link with FLAC files above. Let me know if you are still having problems.

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