Tom Waits – Huntington Beach, CA (xx/xx/78)

The Golden Bear
Huntington Beach, CA

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01 Summertime > Burma Shave
02 Step Right Up
03 Jitterbug Boy > I Never Talk To Strangers
04 Muriel
05 Red Shoes//
06 //Annie’s Back In Town > A Sight For Sore Eyes
07 I Wish I Was In New Orleans > When The Saints Go Marching In
08 Pasties And A G String
09 Silent Night > Christmas Card From A Hooker//
10 Blue Valentines

Lineage: Aud > ? > CDr(x) > Eac > Wav > CDWave [re-tracked] > Flac (Level 8)

Good Points:
A fine audience recording especially given it’s age, of an excellent performance from circa 1978 [exact date unknown]. You really get the feeling Tom is enjoying himself here …….

Bad Points:
The show is alas incomplete 😦 There are quite a few cuts present where music is lost & it would appear that it was indeed that way on the master. You can hear the dreaded short whurr of the recorder button being depressed on more than one occasion.
– Track 01 has a cut at approx 13:29secs [the remainder of Burma Shave was originally tracked seperately]
– There is a cut where the end of ”Red Shoes” [track 05] & the beginning of ”Annie’s Back In Town” [track 06] is missing.
– There is a fade at the the end of track 07 although it would appear that no music is lost
– Following on from ‘Silent Night”, track 09, ”Christmas Card From A Hooker…….” is cut after 0:55secs appx

On top of all of the above, this show was in quite a mess when i received it as it was also tracked poorly & had numerous blank/dead segments, Believe it or not, it’s presented here in a better state than it was but the imperfections [cuts] that are irrepairable, date back i believe to some smokey evening in California ’78.

ANB – June 2008

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