Tony Rice Unit – Etna, OH (07/23/92)

Tony Rice Unit with Jerry Douglas
Frontier Ranch
Etna, Ohio
July 23, 1992

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source: DSBD from Sean Hawkins
Transfer: Casio DA-7 > Tascam CD-RW 700 (pass through -5) >
M-Audio 24/96 > @ 24 Bit to Wavelab > to 16 bit CD WAVE > FLAC
Transfers and Seeded to by Bill Koucky December 9, 2006

1. The Likes of Me
2. Dusty Miller
3. White Dove
4. Salt Creek
5. Band Intros
6. Summer Wages
7. Cold on the Shoulder
8. Cattle in the Cane
9. Another Lonesome Morning
10. Crazy Creek
11. Shadows
12. Why You Been Gone So Long
13. Sally Goodin
14. Crowd
15. Blue Railroad Train

Tony Rice Guitar
Wyatt Rice Guitar
Ronnie Simpkins Bass
Ricky Simpkins Fiddle
Jimmy Gaudreau Mandolin
Jerry Douglas Dobro

3 thoughts on “Tony Rice Unit – Etna, OH (07/23/92)

  1. Thank Mat. Always appreciate your time & effort. Tony Rice is one of my favorites…and Jerry Douglas is such a master of the donor. Keep safe.

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