The Who – Long Beach, CA (12/10/71)

The Who
10th December 1971
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, California

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Lineage: Silver CD -> WAVE (Exact Rip with xACT) -> FLAC (Level 8, xACT)
Silver: Killing Floor, KF 98003/4, “Closer To Queen Mary”

Disc 1:

01 I Can’t Explain
02 Substitute
03 Summertime Blues
04 My Wife
05 Baba O’Riley
06 Bargain
07 Behind Blue Eyes
08 Won’t Get Fooled Again
09 Baby Don’t You Do It

Disc 2:

01 Magic Bus
02 Overture
03 Amazing Journey
04 Sparks
05 Pinball Wizard
06 See Me, Feel Me
07 My Generation
08 Naked Eye


This is an excellent audience recording of the entire show.

Here is a description of this recording that was in Record Collector Nov 2000 issue.

If the Young Vic show revealed the Who in a period of uncertainty, by the end of the year, thanks to the success of “Who’s Next” and constant gigging, LA Times critic Robert Hilburn spoke for many by describing them as “The Greatest Show On Earth”. This Long Beach concert catches the band feeding off a rowdy crowd, prompting Townshend’s infamous outcry: “This is a fucking rock’n’roll concert, not a fucking tea party!” (this comment was later used to introduce the “Thirty Years of Maximum R&B” box set).

“Baba O’Riley”, “My Wife”, “Behind Blue Eyes” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” have already become an integral part of the set, with “Tommy” reduced to just five songs. It’s a shame “Bargain” wasn’t retained, as the band always performed it dynamically – listen to the San Francisco version, taped three nights later and releaed officially on the box set for confirmation.

A quality audience tape resulting in this well-known bootleg (the title refers to the ocean-going liner) first appeared in early 1972, albeit edited to a single album. In 1998, the full show appeared as a Japanese double-CD, restored right down to the original TMOQ artwork.

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Brought to you by: Long Live Rock

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