The Rolling Stones – Chronologically Fully Finished Studio Outtakes

The Rolling Stones
“Chronological Fully Finished Studio Outtakes” – Acid Project Special

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Hi Stones fanatics

I did phase correction and new EQ to all tracks. Mr. D did all the research and decided we put this as 4 discs.He also made the new order for tracks.

Remastered by Captain Acid, March 2021
Artwork and research by Mr. D

CD 1

01 She’s Doing Her Thing
02 Blood Red Wine
03 Curtis Meets Smokey
04 Walk With Me Wendy
05 Tell Her How It Is
06 Criss Cross
07 It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (But I Like It)
08 Too Many Cooks
09 Fast Talking Slow Walking
10 Living In The Heart Of Love
11 Scarlet
12 Built That Way

CD 2

01 Never Make You Cry
02 Fiji Jim
03 Every Time I Break Her Heart
04 You Win Again
05 Not The Way To Go
06 Part Of The Night
07 Trouble’s A Coming
08 Covered In Bruises
09 Can’t Find Love
10 It’s A Lie

CD 3

01 (You Better) Stop That
02 I’ve Got Dreams To Remember
03 I Tried To Talk Her Into It
04 Keep It Cool
05 Cooking Up
06 Eliza Upchink
07 Still In Love With You
08 Big Truff (aka Dog Shit)
09 Don’t Lie To Me
10 Strictly Memphis
11 Putty In Your Hands
12 Deep Love
13 I Can’t See No One Else
14 Nobody’s Perfect

CD 4

01 Giving It Up
02 Ivy League
03 Hands Off
04 20 Nill
05 Flip The Switch
06 Desperate Man
07 Prairie Love
08 Low Down
09 Might As Well Get Juiced
10 Too Tight
11 Sanctuary
12 Dream About
13 Extreme Western Grip
14 Well Well

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