Jerry Garcia Band – San Francisco, CA (04/21/95)

Jerry Garcia Band
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA

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this is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 21900

Source: Vintage Neumann (KM54s?)>DAT>DAT >CDR>WAV>SHN.
Tapers: Chuck and Janet Vasseur.

Disc 1 – Set 1
01 The Way You Do The Things You Do [10:10]
02 Forever Young [10:38]
03 Money Honey [07:35]
04 Run For The Roses [05:26]
05 Ain’t No Bread In The Breadbox [08:48]
06 My Sisters And Brothers [04:52]
07 Deal [08:36]
Total time: 56:08

Disc 2 – Set 2
01 Shining Star > [22:39]
02 Johnny Too Bad > [07:07]
03 Don’t Let Go [13:32]
04 That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) [09:36]
05 Midnight Moonlight [06:04]
Total time: 59:00

Comments: Highly listenable audience recording with relatively minimal close up chatting. Rates a 2.4 on the “Hey Dude” index. Charged first set with beautiful Forever Young with Jerry wailing it out, hard drivin’ Money Honey (this is not your teleprompter Jerry). Second set kicks off with a stellar Shining Star that instead of dying off into a lagging audience chant Jerry keeps Shining Star going with a reggae beat and drops perfectly into “Johnny Too Bad” which drifts right into the self-explanatory Don’t Let Go – over 43 minutes of continuous jamming. Not what you’d expect for the 3rd to last JGB show.

Thanks to JIm Powell for the source CDR.
DAE(QPS QUE 2410 EAC0.9 offset corrected secure mode)>editing as above (SF6) > tracking (cdwav editor) > sector boundaries confirmed (shntool) > SHN (mkwact) via Chris Ladner.

misSHN in the rain, 1/2004.

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